July 2022 update

July 2022 update As you may know, the Health Evolution company is international with customers in more than 40 countries including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Scandinavia. We can serve medical professionals and customers across the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, North and South America. Within the Republic of Korea (South Korea), Health …

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how to have the happiest Christmas 🎄🌟

HOW TO HAVE THE HAPPIEST CHRISTMAS 🎄🌟 https://healthevolutionproject.com/wp-content/uploads/he-christmas-2021_Facebook-Banner_.mp4 Want to know the secret to a truly Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays? 🎄🌟 It’s a bit like when you’re about to take off in a plane … do you remember those days, when we used to travel far more than we can now? The safety message …

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💚 You know this already – now science is catching up 💚

💚 You know this already – now science is catching up 💚 Results of three brand new research papers – and you get 30 days of our most popular supplement as a gift We’re giving away genuine TeloMind, the advanced rejuvenation formula, today. You can get the most popular life-changing supplement TeloMind with this exclusive …

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OCTOBER SPECIAL: 3x aminoserene

OCTOBER SPECIAL: 3x aminoserene with 50% off! Unbelievable October Special! We’re celebrating October with special bundles of AminoSerene, for sensitive strength and immunity. Experience the luxury of Norwegian YTE® Young Tissue Extract proteins and pure botanical ingredients revitalizing your mind and body with AminoSerene Advanced. This easy-to-take nutritional supplement beautifully balances and regenerates, calming anxiety, managing …

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AminoSerene Advanced formula with YTE, B12


Back in 2014, members of our team flew to Norway to meet the original scientist who developed YTE®. After spending several days in conference with the company owner and scientific staff, we resolved to make the remarkable YTE® ingredient available at the recommended clinical dose. The first formula we created was AminoBoosters, followed by TeloMind, but there was a …


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