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Here at our Sunshine Coast organic farm in Australia, we were deeply flooded - this is what we looked like over the weekend!

Flood in australia

I would never have believed the waters would rise so quickly. We were swimming our sheep and pigs to our raised lawn pad, moving chickens and peacocks by kayak.

David carried so many squirming, terrified, soaking wet, heavy animals. We managed to save nearly all of them, who spent the next few days on our lawn and deck.

Thankfully no-one was injured, our homes remained out of the water, and we are grateful that we had enough strength and energy to see it all through.

Now, our focus turns to how we can best serve our community here and everywhere there are people who need us most.

I was talking with Clay, the lovely gardener here at our Bamboo Park property, as he was pruning and tending flood-damaged plants. Clay was saying how fungus, mould, pests, and diseases attack weak plants. So he was taking immediate action to protect all the exhausted plants, pruning excess foliage so they could put all their energy into rejuvenation.

Clay’s words reminded me how this is equally true for humans: it’s so important we support our energy and our strength, through deep sleep, nutrition, supplementation, so that we rejuvenate. And in turn, maintain our immune system - along with our sense of humor and our love of life.

I know that you already know and practice this ...

We hold most of our stock in the US - and also in Australia, the UK, and Europe.

Thankfully, delivery times everywhere have improved enormously but, still, we like to keep stock in all these places to save people from waiting.

Our priority is to help everyone feel safe and recover from any exhaustion or trauma.

Of course, we want to make sure as many people as possible can quickly receive these life-changing supplements, so we are giving you this heads up so that you can order the products you need while in stock.

Remember, you can order online 24/7 here on the website.

Now more than ever, it’s so important to be able to look and feel younger, happier, stronger, rested, and support your immune system.

Often imitated, never equalled. Discover your own Health Evolution because you deserve energy instead of fatigue, deep sleep instead of anxiety, success instead of stress, immunity instead of imbalance.

Order links open 24/7 at healthevolutionproject.com/aminoboosters to get AminoBoosters for energy, and at healthevolutionproject.com/telomind to get TeloMind for rejuvenation.


- You can order online 24/7

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