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Emotions can indeed have a profound impact on the function and structure of gastrointestinal tissue in horses, as well as in other animals, including humans. Stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions can disrupt the normal functioning of the digestive system and contribute to conditions such as gut ulceration.

Horses are highly sensitive and emotional animals. They have evolved as social grazers, spending a significant amount of time foraging and grazing on a variety of plant materials. This natural behavior is important for their overall well-being, as it provides mental stimulation, allows them to meet their nutritional needs, and promotes proper gastrointestinal function.

When horses are restricted from grazing, particularly high-performance horses that have demanding training and competition schedules, their natural behavior is compromised. This can lead to increased stress levels and a higher risk of developing gut ulceration. Even when horses are given short spells of grazing or are regularly spelled, the limited access to natural forage may not be sufficient to fully meet their behavioral and physiological needs.

While it's mentioned that AminoBoosters YTE® supplements have been used by horse owners for the last five years. Stress ulcers are a known condition in horses, it's important to note that their treatment typically involves addressing the underlying causes of stress, providing appropriate nutrition, and managing the horse's environment and routine. Balancing cortisol levels alone may not be the sole solution for stress ulcer management. With improved calm, attentiveness, focus, and performance, stress ulcers can respond quite well to regulating cortisol levels. AminoBoosters' capacity to train muscles and produce stem cells is a benefit.

Testimony of Heather Martin in Australia:

“As you know, I have used your AminoBoosters for years on our horses. Only have one racing at the moment.  I open 4 capsules, mix with a little water and put in syringe and squirt in their mouthes.  They don't object to having it and actually open their mouthes when they see me coming with the syringe, lick their tongues afterwards, so they really like having it

I found they were much calmer, ate better, and don't fail swab tests.

I have my King Charles Cavalier on it as well. She has one a day. She is 12 years old, walks 5 km with me a day, and has never been to the vet for anything other than her vaccines. Thanks for helping us all these years – we're loyal subscribers and love the difference these products make.”
Continued customer since 2015

1.0 Has YTE® been used in veterinary supplements?

Not officially although it is used by vets and pet owners with success.

2.0 Is there any taste or odour? Would it need to be masked for acceptance by animals?

Minimal taste (“biscuity”), no odour, does not need to be masked

3.0 Is it water soluble?

No although it can be stirred into water/gravy. Do not use hot water because this can destroy the live active nutrients.

4.0 Is YTE® in powder or granule form?


5.0 Can YTE® be used in young animals to boost growth & development? Is there any age limit on when it could be started?

Yes YTE® can give given to young animals. There are no known contraindications

6.0 Can YTE® be used in animals with compromised kidneys/ liver disorders/ post-surgery/ cardiac conditions?

There are no known contraindications so long as there is no bleeding; do not use within one week of surgery.

7.0 What is the shelf life of the YTE® ingredient & the finished products?

Usually up to five years for YTE®

Usually 3 years for finished products depending on formula ingredients

8.0 Are there any contraindications”

As a precaution, do not use in pets with bleeding disorders, within one week of surgery, or when blood-thinning agents are being used, because of the herb Ginkgo biloba in the AminoBoosters and TeloMind formulas.

9.0 Does the product need any special storage? Does it need to be refrigerated?

The product needs to be kept dry and cool at room temperature

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