The late Bjodne Eskeland, Ph.D, who worked extensively with the Young Tissue Extract ingredient in Norway along with Nils Christian Mortensen, is quoted in an interview with Total Health Magazine

     “We found through clinical testing that Young Tissue Extract provides a fourfold benefit to human health. These four areas include increased sexual health and desire, a remarkable increase in energy and stamina and a boost in muscle strength for athletes. 

Young Tissue Extract has also been shown to be a great benefit as a natural mood enhancer.”

Young Tissue Extract was first discovered and used with great success by legendary Canadian doctor, Dr John Ralston Davidson, nearly 100 years ago in 1929. 

Dr. Eskeland worked in Norway in the egg industry for most of his career. In an Interview with Total Health Magazine, Dr. Eskeland recalled, 

     “In the 1990s I hypothesized that there existed in incubated and fertilized eggs a special protein fraction that could help increase and enhance the human body’s natural testosterone production, naturally, without testosterone supplementation. 

I then teamed with my partner, engineer, Nils Christian Mortensen, and we developed the procedure to extract this special protein from fertilized eggs.”

Young Tissue Extract or YTE® is an organic product of glycopeptides, oligopeptides and amino acids augmented by fertilisation and incubation.

According to Dr.Eskeland’s interview with Total Health Magazine he synopsized that “…in this three-week time period, from the day the rooster has fertilized the hen until the fully developed chick is ready to be hatched, a tremendous amount of cellular growth and development takes place in the embryo, which ultimately develops into the grown chick. 

What we have done is to develop a process to extract that tremendously powerful growth material and put it into a capsule form, which is called Young Tissue Extract. “

The University of Colorado, Denver conducted a double-blind placebo-controlled research study with the goal of testing YTE®. The aim of the study was to understand and observe changes in general health, stamina, energy levels and changes in both strength and muscle mass when a participant was taking YTE® Young Tissue Extract. 

The study was conducted over a span of six weeks and the greater majority of the group experienced heightened levels of energy, muscle strength, stamina and overall health. 

According to Total Health Magazine “Every one of the participants in the study said that Young Tissue Extract was the best natural athletic supplement they had ever tried.”

YTE® Young Tissue Extract clinically proven supplements provide multiple benefits to human health. These areas include enhanced mood, increased sexual health and desire, increase in energy and stamina, boost in muscle strength for athletes, and stem cell regeneration. Supported by clinical studies in Europe, the US and Asia, published in PubMD.

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(Total Health Editors,“The EGG—beyond Incredible Youth Tissue Extract YTE, Total Health Magazine” accessed June 2023.) 

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