New Distributors For Important YTE® Supplement “TeloMind”

Health Evolution Announces New Distributors for TeloMind Stem Cell Formula Supplement

Health Evolution has been producing its exclusive TeloMind stem cell formula since 2016 and announces this is now available through new distributors, Health Evolution Project 

TeloMind was previously available through distributor LifeDesigner.

“It is vital that genuine YTE® is provided correctly and at the recommended clinical dose,” reported Co-founder and Head of Research Angela Wright MBE, adding,

“Our Health Evolution company is the only organisation in the world consistently working with the genuine YTE® ingredient direct from the producers and only ever at the correct clinical dose.

“This is important to us because we know people around the world rely on the benefits provided by YTE®.”

Customers can purchase products through approved affiliates or direct on the website: website sales revenue is also shared among affiliates, giving back to the community committed to sharing the truth and benefits of YTE® supplements. 

And COMING SOON is a NEW OPPORTUNITY that will BLOW THE SOCKS OFF anything you’ve seen before:  

A compensation strategy

as powerful for your


as the real TeloMind YTE® is for your


Affiliates wanting to provide the TeloMind genuine formula are invited to contact Health Evolution direct in complete confidence at this link:

Health Evolution has exclusivity on the ground-breaking YTE® dietary ingredient, the only complete known source of every amino acid together with Fibroblast Growth Factor, vitamins and minerals.

Are You Getting the Real YTE® and the Real TeloMind?

Anyone who has taken an off-brand, “fake news” YTE® knows that your body responds uniquely and dramatically to the real YTE® available ONLY in TeloMind and other products available ONLY from the original suppliers since 2016: HEALTH EVOLUTION.

Which is why if you are looking for science-based, double-blinded research supporting a YTE® product, this Health Evolution website you are on now for information and availability of real, science-based, YTE®.

DON’T BE FOOLED by products no longer able to get real YTE® but claiming their ingredients are just as effective. Ask for the research! Ask for evidence-based science!

Ask for legitimate ownership and go with the genuine owners.

Ask for all the proof and results you get with TeloMind and other HEALTH EVOLUTION products.

Health Evolution provides a range of personalised YTE® products, because everybody and every day is different:

For more information, contact Health Evolution in complete confidence directly at

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