Who Owns And Created TeloMind™?

TeloMind™ is formulated, developed, wholly owned and provided by the Health Evolution company.

Co-founder Angela Wright MBE developed the formula with the Health Evolution team of biochemists and formula specialists back in 2016.

In 2017 the TeloMind formula was updated to include the addition of the important rejuvenation herb Rhodiola rosea, and was subsequently referred to as TeloMind Advanced.

Was The Supplement TeloMind™ Sold By LifeDesigner?

Health Evolution formerly provided the supplement TeloMind™ and the use of the trading company Lifedesigner Supplements to Bernard Joung under an Agreement from 2016 to September 2019 in which Bernard Joung acknowledged that all Intellectual Property belonged to Health Evolution, including the business itself, the website, product, formula, branding, data, etc etc. That Agreement ended in September 2019 and was not renewed.

Health Evolution officially terminated all connections with Bernard Joung on November 15th 2019.

Are you in the US?

Yes, the company Health Evolution is a US company, registered in Nevada.

We manufacture and distribute from California.

Co-founder and Head of Research Angela Wright MBE spends time in the US.

Why Is There So Much Confusion?

There have been claims by certain people that they were involved in creating the formula of TeloMind.

This is false.

We note that some of the people involved have previously been sued by Well-Med Global LLC for alleged similar conduct including alleged misappropriation of business assets, violation of agreements, violation of non-competition provisions, misappropriation of trade secrets, engagement in tortious business actions, false statements, and engagement in unlawful conduct which was egregious, intentional, malicious, and undertaken with intent to harm. Details are a matter of public record here: https://www.scribd.com/document/322711640/NHT-Complaint-8-31-16

Health Evolution are currently pursuing legal action against individuals and companies involved in what appears to be deceptive conduct.

Who Can I Speak With About This, To Find Out The Truth?

You can call us on (225) 442-9766 or email support@healthevolutionproject.com.

We can also give you contact details of other customers and affiliates who have said they are happy to speak on our behalf.

You can schedule a call with Co-founder Angela Wright here: https://calendly.com/angelawright.

We are happy to answer any of your questions, to clear up any misinformation you may have received.

You can register your interest, in confidence, in being an affiliate at


Are You Really Using genuine Norwegian YTE®?

Health Evolution is the only company in the world using genuine Norwegian YTE® direct from the producers via the only approved representative, Berg Nutrition. We have worked with Berg Nutrition since 2014, and as such Health Evolution is the longest-running company consistently using genuine YTE® and only at the recommended clinical dose.

See https://www.yteinfo.com.

Do You Make Different Formulas?

Yes, Health Evolution formulas include TeloMind™ and also the GYBB (Get Your Boom! Back™) range.

We provide different formulas because everybody and every day is different.

Can Anyone In The World Buy These Formulas?

Yes - we ship worldwide from our warehouses in California USA, Singapore, and the UK.

Can Affiliates Previously Promoting TeloMind Or Working With Other Companies Become An Affiliate With Health Evolution?

Yes - we already have existing downlines set up and tested. We honour existing downlines and welcome new affiliates. You can contact us in complete confidence for a private conversation.

We are committed to providing the most generous, fair, honest affiliate program in the industry: we typically pay double the affiliate payments which other organisations pay, because you are buying direct from us, with no middleman.

We actively support affiliates and have team leaders in California and throughout the world.

You can call us on  +1 (225) 442-9766 or email support@healthevolutionproject.com to speak with us in confidence. We will answer any questions you may have. We can also give you contact details of other customers and affiliates who have said they are happy to speak on our behalf.

You can register your interest, in confidence, in being an affiliate at


More Information:

What is the recommended dosage?

We are told that some 70% of people who go through the TeloMind™ Rejuvenation Program can experience dramatic rejuvenation of their skin and organs within the first 100 days.

People who have had chronic health issues or have depended on medication for a long time can sometimes take up to six to nine months to feel ten to fifteen years younger. They may also experience a more intensive detoxification and retracing process. Make sure that you read the “Detoxification and Retracing Process” in the FAQ section so that you can go through the process with complete confidence and assurance.

Are there any side effects associated with taking TeloMind™?

We manufacture TeloMind™ with the purest natural ingredients including, of course, genuine Norwegian YTE®.

TeloMind can powerfully activate the body’s innate ability to cleanse, rebalance and regenerate. Studies show that the majority of people in the developed world are affected by toxins, including heavy metals, chemical pesticides and similar.  Most people are not well educated about the powerful natural cleansing process and miraculous repairing abilities of our bodily system. It is important for you to read the “Detoxification and Retracing Process.”

What is the Detoxification and Retracing Process?

We are all born with the most potent detoxification and repairing ability in our body. When the right combinations of nutrition, hydration and rest are provided, these abilities are unlocked. The first stage of repairing always starts with cleansing. As your body begins to push out toxins, heavy metals, and chemicals through the intestines, liver, kidneys, and skin, you may experience some mild cleansing symptoms.

Most people do not experience any negative effects.

For a small number of people who are detoxing a lot, for a short period of time mild diarrhoea, feeling sleepy, needing to go to the bathroom often, and experiencing a slight skin rash can be symptoms. You are aiming to burn fatty deposits, detox organs, and activate natural immunity to kill unwanted microbes.

For people who have worked in a chemically exposed environment, had chemotherapy, depended on heavy medication, or had chronic health issues, the detoxification period may take longer than others.

The second stage of repairing is retracing.

What is Retracing?

Retracing is a process by which the body re-experiences old illnesses or traumas that were incompletely repaired in the past. The purpose is to wholly and thoroughly correct these old conditions.

Retracing is a natural process which can occasionally feel mildly uncomfortable while the healing response is initiated. Retracing is a positive response that most are not familiar with, coming from a background of symptom relief instead of true regeneration and repair.  Retracing is a welcome sign of repairing. Most retracing symptoms are mild and brief. One may not even notice them. At times, however, they are annoying and unpleasant.  Just as workers repairing broken parts of a building will create a lot of dust, waste, and noise ... likewise, when the body gains enough strength to repair itself, it can temporarily cause changes.

Can TeloMind cure my disease?

TeloMind™ is not designed to cure, treat, prevent or diagnose any specific disease.

TeloMind™ provides the renewal factors which trigger and activate the innate cell regeneration system so that your body can rejuvenate itself as though you are young.

For more information go to the Science page: https://healthevolutionproject.com/pages/science

Can TeloMind help me with sleep issues?

Many customers experience incredible deep sleep from the first night. Most customers experience dramatically improved sleep quality within the first four weeks. Some customers, who have a very toxic system, achieve good sleep after about 100-120 days.

For more information go to the Science page: https://healthevolutionproject.com/pages/science

Can TeloMind help me with anger control, anxiety, panic disorder, mood swings and low mood?

The active ingredients in TeloMind™ are proven to assist with anxiety, stress management, cortisol regulation, low mood, and sleeplessness. YTE® is clinically proven to lessen stress and anxiety levels.

For more information go to the Science page: https://healthevolutionproject.com/pages/science

I am an athlete, can TeloMind™ help me with my performance?

YTE® is clinically proven to help muscle development and hormone production.

For more information go to the Science page: https://healthevolutionproject.com/pages/science

Can TeloMind help to improve my libido?

Yes, the YTE® in TeloMind™ is proven to improve libido. The bioactive peptides in TeloMind are used to help our body to produce testosterone. Testosterone is used to build muscle, to strengthen bones, and to increase sexual desire and satisfaction.

YTE® is clinically proven to help muscle development and hormone production.

For more information go to the Science page: https://healthevolutionproject.com/pages/science

Can I stop taking other supplements?

Telomind™ contains life essence: 23 amino acids, Fibroblast Growth Factor 2, vitamins, minerals, pre and probiotics, glyconutrients, and bioactive peptides.

However, there is no such thing as one product taking care of everything regardless of diet, stress level, exercise habits, and sleeping habits.

If your body is going through an excessive amount of stress, exercise, or dealing with health issues, taking TeloMind can minimize the damage and maximize your regeneration.

We recommend taking AminoSerene™ along with TeloMind™ for maximum effect.

How long should I to take TeloMind™?

TeloMind™ was designed to enable your body to experience the maximum level of youth, vibrancy, beauty, and longevity. We recommend you to a minimum of 180 days and then see whether a smaller dose will maintain your improved health.

TeloMind ingredients are clinically proven to have positive effects on telomeres.

For more information, see the TeloMind substantion document here along with many research papers and reports regarding how chronic stress shortens telomeres.

See also the clinical evidence regarding how YTE® in particular as well as the other ingredients in our formulas modulate cortisol, the stress hormone, positively impacting the reduction of chronic stress, and therefore positively affecting telomeres."

What are bioactive peptides and can I get them from food?

23 amino acids are like alphabets while bioactive peptides are like words.

First of all, it is not easy to get all 23 amino acids from the daily diet. Moreover, our body has limited ability to transform 23 amino acids into hundreds of thousands of bioactive peptides, which become ingredients for all hormones, DNAs (Nucleic Acids), and growth factors which direct stem cell production and activity.

As we age, our body becomes more deficient in these bioactive peptides, thus, resulting in the lack of hormone production, failure to repair DNA strands and telomeres, and slow cell regeneration. It is almost impossible to get all those hundreds of thousands of bioactive peptides in a single food. Studies show that YTE® is a unique active ingredient, unlike anything else. Dr. Davidson, Dr. Eskeland, Nils Mortensen, and other researchers and medical professionals have proven that bioactive peptides are explosively produced only at the early stage of life and then quickly used to grow life.

Health Evolution uses the technology to capture this full life essence in a capsule.

Is TeloMind safe for children?

Yes. TeloMind is full of natural superfoods which enhance brain development, mental focus, healthy development, and stamina of young adults. Adjust the dosage according to the weight of the child and consult your health professional.

Is TeloMind safe for pets?

Yes. Pets can go through dramatic rejuvenation of hair, skin, increased energy level, and overall health. Providing TeloMind™ can keep your pets as vibrant as possible.

Adjust the dosage according to the weight of the pet and consult your veterinarian.

Do I need to talk to a doctor before taking TeloMind?

We always recommend discussing with your Health Professional. For this reason, it is a good idea to consult with a professional who understands integrated health. Always consult a physician before using this product if you are pregnant, lactating, taking any medication or if you have a medical condition.

I am allergic to eggs ... can I take TeloMind™?

Do not consume if you are allergic to eggs.

Is it true that TeloMind can be used to slow down ageing?

The ingredients in TeloMind™ can help to rejuvenate your whole body.

The bioactive peptides found in TeloMind™ work on a cellular level. In addition to stimulating tissue regeneration, TeloMind™ is also a powerful source of antioxidants that protect the cells against the activity of free radicals, thus slowing down cellular ageing with additional anti-aging advantages. It can slow cognitive decline, improve memory and enhance focus.

Even individuals who are starting to experience problems associated with brain function can enjoy the benefits of TeloMind™.

Why is YTE® made only from the Norwegian free range eggs?

We are committed to making use of the best and purest natural ingredients only.

The YTE® producing team has built more than 30 years of experience, know-how, and technology in Norway. Hens which are not free-range can be fed antibiotics, hormones and other additives. Free-range hens can go outside, interact with other chickens and consume their natural diet. Free-range hens are proven to be happier and more content. These factors affect the quality of eggs. Free-range eggs tend to have a higher concentration of beneficial nutrients.

Is there any risk of salmonella?

The egg extract found in TeloMind™ is derived from eggs in Norway which has  reputation for being salmonella-free.  Furthermore, TeloMind™ ingredients and finished formula are independently tested and proven to be salmonella-free, as well as free from heavy metals, artificial chemicals, and toxins.

Why can’t I find TeloMind in my pharmacy?

TeloMind™ is a nutritional supplement, not a medicine. The supplement is manufactured exclusively by Health Evolution in the USA and sold globally with fast worldwide shipping. We welcome inquiries from Medical Professionals including Doctors, Health Coaches, Naturopaths, Nurses, Nutritionists, Paramedics, Practitioners, Pharmacists, Complementary Health Workers, Therapists, and Veterinarians.

How do I become an affiliate?

Apply here to be an affiliate:


All purchases are tracked, so commissions are attributed correctly to each affiliate.

Health Evolution appreciates the support of customers, affiliates, and health professionals.

Our advanced software and dedicated team including Korean Americans makes easy for you, your downline, and customers to work with the best affiliate program: Health Evolution, providers of the only dynamic egg protein young tissue supplements.

What's the difference between YTE® and DynamEP™ YTE®?

There is only one YTE®, which is the dynamic fertilised semi-incubated young tissue extract from Norway.

There has been a lot of confusion in the marketplace with some people making fake claims about alternative products which sound similar but are completely different.

YTE® is the one and only patented fertilized and semi-incubated avian egg extract from Norway, clinically demonstrated to support mental and physical vitality, naturally.

See https://www.yteinfo.com.

There is no substitute and no other product in the world like this.

Because of all the confusion, the brand-owner of YTE® also trademarked "DynamEP™" which stands for "Dynamic Egg Protein". In the past, we thought it may be helpful for consumers if we adopted this and so we have sometimes referred to DynamEP™ YTE®.

YTE® and DynamEP™ YTE® are one and the same ingredient.

Due to our consistent use of YTE® since 2014, always at the recommended clinical dose, our company Health Evolution has been working with YTE® for the longest time of any company.

Our company Health Evolution owns all our formulas including TeloMind/TeloMind Advanced and the GYBB (Get Your Boom! Back) line of AminoBoosters and AminoSerene.

Because of our unfailing commitment to bringing this product to the awareness of people around the world - and always including the recommended clinical dose of YTE® so our formulas are always Genuine, Effective, and Honest - we have now been granted exclusivity on this ingredient.

What is the difference between Ginkgo biloba leaf powder and Ginkgo biloba leaf extract?

Ginkgo biloba leaf powder and Ginkgo biloba leaf extract are both approved by the FDA.

Most supplements contain Ginkgo biloba leaf powder.

We prefer to use Ginkgo biloba leaf extract.

Leaf powder and leaf extract have both been successfully used for centuries.

Due to supply chain difficulties we have made Limited Edition AminoBoosters with leaf powder instead of the usual leaf extract.

We did not want to delay production of AminoBoosters because it is important to have product available.

There is 100mg of Ginkgo biloba per serving - 25mg per capsule.

All other ingredients in the Limited Edition AminoBoosters are as usual including full clinical therapeutic dose of YTE.

We have new batches of TeloMind and AminoBoosters scheduled for production at the end of this year which will contain the usual leaf extract but the price will be increasing then due to our production costs significantly increasing.

Our wholly-owned company is called Health Evolution and you can find all of our formulas, TeloMind™ and our Get Your Boom! Back range, right here on the official Health Evolution website, www.healthevolutionproject.com.

Buy now while stocks are available at healthevolutionproject.com/collections

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