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About Us

Our Story 

We've been researching and educating on integrated health for decades, and increasingly shocked by the difficulty of getting supplements which actually contain the ingredients they claim.

In particular, we wanted to find a high quality formula containing YTE® - the only natural complete source of all 23 amino acids along with Fibroblast Growth Factor, vitamins, and minerals.

We knew the one company which everyone thought used the ingredient didn't. Not. At. All.

In response, six years ago we founded our company Health Evolution, committed to Regenerative Formulas With Genuine Ingredients At The Recommended Clinical Dose - And Always Honest Pricing.

We are now the only company in the world which has genuine Norwegian YTE®, the Young Tissue Extract Dynamic Protein. This ingredient is completely unique - there in no other ingredient like this.
The unique Health Evolution PLAN Formulas use Pure Live Active Nutrition. There is nothing comparable.

This rare YTE® ingredient, discovered by famous Canadian Doctor Dr John Davidson, researched by governments, universities, and medical specialists, has helped an estimated 500,000 people - which means most people have never heard of it.

And it was becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to find formulas worth taking.

It's vital to have the real YTE® ingredients at the right dose - backed by traceability, trackability, independent testing, certification - because otherwise you won't get the results you need.

  • Results like having a cortisol manager, so your "stress hormone" is under control, and you can go from anxiety to assurance and action.
  • Results like more muscle strength and gain - because after age 30 you lose muscle, and from age 35 onwards you will lose between .5% and 1% of your muscle mass every year.
  • Results like better sleep, more balance, more energy, more love in your life
  • Results like stem cell regeneration for your body so you renew and rebuild from the inside out.

Why haven’t more people heard of YTE®? Because it’s a very expensive raw natural ingredient and doesn’t fit in the profit margins of the big corporations.

As a privately owned business, however, we don’t need these huge profit margins.
So in 2014, we founded Health Evolution, committed to Regenerative Formulas With Genuine Ingredients At The Recommended Clinical Dose - And Always Honest Pricing.
  • We started with one formula - AminoBoosters.
  • We developed the TeloMind formula in 2016.
  • Now we have a range of personalised YTE® formulas available, because everybody and every day is different.
Yes, YTE® is that important.
The only natural complete stem cell regeneration ingredient.
The only complete source of all amino acids in perfect natural balance together with Fibroblast Growth Factor, vitamins and minerals.

Too many supplements are using inappropriate ingredients, flawed science and spending more on marketing than ingredients.

 With our proven, genuine ingredients and science-based evidence, you have the genuine ingredients at the recommended clinical dose.

You deserve supplements whose effectiveness can be clearly demonstrated.

Every active ingredient we use is natural, research-backed and included at the dose used in clinical studies. 

We'll say it again: we're here to help you whenever you need it

The Supplement Advisory Panel

Our Independent Supplement Advisory Panel features Medical Advisors whose experience is invaluable in our quest for the most effective supplements ever created.

Each of our Advisors is dedicated to making real health a tangible reality. Having these medical specialists and health professionals on our team enables us to develop better formulas, create increased results for you, our customers, and source premium ingredients at the very best prices which we pass on as part of our "Always Honest Pricing" policy. 

Dr Christopher Hertzog

a man smiling for the camera

(Click here to go to Dr Hertzog's Page)

Dr Christopher Hertzog is a respected Longevity Specialist and medical researcher in the field of Anti-Aging (Positive Aging) Medicine.

Dr Chris has a Primary Medical Degree from Cambridge University, studied Law at the “Inns of Court” in London, and was a lecturer in Law prior to his long and continuing career as a medical researcher.

Specialties: new advances in AAM - Anti-Aging Medicine,- as well as in the field of cancer and terminal cancer research. 

Dr Chris is a member of the British Longevity Society, specialising in anti-aging and anti-cancer treatments.

Dr Chris "walks the talk", seeming far younger than his 80 years, still travelling the world on a regular basis, attending the most important conferences globally on cancer and healthy aging, and still with his "wings" as a keen pilot.

Health Evolution is honoured to be working with Dr Christopher Hertzog, a highly respected pioneer in human longevity and healthy ageing.

Dr Veerle Van Tricht

Veerle Van Tricht looking at the camera

(Click here to go to Dr Van Tricht's page)

Dr V is an Eye Surgeon who provides excellent and timely eye care to a large number of patients with AMD, Diabeticretinopathy, cataracts, glaucoma and general ophthalmology, plus supporting and teaching medical students, registrars and allied health staff.

During her successful medical career as an Eye Surgeon on three continents, Dr V has used her experiences, studies and personal experience to create the Burnout Resuscitation program, helping health and other professionals avoid the devastating, destructive, and serious health consequences of burnout including l lower immune system, heart disease, cancer, depression.

Health Evolution is honoured to be working with Dr Veerle Van Tricht, a highly respected authority in terms of wellness relating to eye health and avoiding exhaustion.



 Doctor, Brain & Concussion Specialist, Speaker, Author, Retired Pro Athlete  

(Click here to go to Dr DeWitt's page)

Dr DeWitt walked-on to the football team at Vanderbilt University and earned a scholarship after his very first semester. He would go on to earn 2nd team All-SEC honors and Defensive MVP.

After college, Dr DeWitt would go on to play 12 years of professional football with the Houston Oilers, Scottish Claymores, Montreal Alouettes and more great teams.

After football, Dr DeWitt decided to get his Doctor of Chiropractic degree, specialising in Advanced Sports Nutrition, Golf Injuries and Concussion Assessment.

During his football career, Dr DeWitt struggled with contact lenses. He had worn glasses since the 8th grade and thought there was no other option. Once he began learning more about holistic health options, he came across a 19th century technique that allowed him to eliminate his need for glasses or contacts. This inspired him to write a three part series of books on vision.

Dr DeWitt's grandfather passed from advanced Alzheimer’s so Dr DeWitt was concerned he may be at risk after his 12 years of professional football. Once again, he jumped into the research on concussions and CTE and wrote his findings in the book HEAD GAMES: Concussions & CTE, Where Do We Go From Here?

His latest topic of interest is Stem Cell therapy, so it is no surprise that Dr DeWitt is a keen advocate of Health Evolution products.

Health Evolution is honoured to be working with Dr DeWitt, a highly respected authority.


Cai Berg

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(Click here to go to Cai Berg's page)

Cai Berg is a supplements industry veteran in raw materials and formulation, with 25 years experience. His work has forged strong long-term relationships with key manufacturers in Europe and the US, along with numerous sales and distribution outlets in the U.S. Cai has been working with YTE® for many years and is committed to continuing the production of this powerful ingredient. 

Health Evolution is honoured to be working with Cai Berg, who may have more knowledge of YTE® than anyone else in the world actively involved in enabling access to this rare ingredient.

Our Supply Chain

We work with only the best cGMP supplement manufacturers, registered with the FDA. We liaise with doctors and other health professionals, check the Certificates of all ingredients, have all ingredients independently tested - and make sure we provide the right formulas and doses every single time.

Meet The Team

All of the Team are first and foremost Customer Happiness Agents - dedicated to you at Health Evolution.

Meet Cofounder Angela K Wright MBE:

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From a farming family, Angela is most interested in functional food, soil and water health.

People say that Angela's Unique Ability is seeing opportunities and creating better futures through asking difficult questions, analysing the past and connecting the best currently available solutions.

Angela carries out a great deal of research and due diligence, including seeking clinical trials with evidence from leading medical professionals, scientists, physicists and philosophers. 

Angela is focused on enabling people to discover high-vibration-living and recognises the importance of functional food along with healthy atmosphere, soil and water. Dedicated to helping people through continuously researching and making available regenerative formulas of premium dietary supplements.

Mum of five, married to David Wright, Angela has been invited to speak around the world and honoured by HM Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace with the award of a Member of the Order of the British Empire.

Angela is an author and speaker who is passionate about honesty, commitment and giving back, helping individuals and businesses to flourish so promoting peace and prosperity.

Angela brings a wealth of experience to Health Evolution with the aim of building the business through providing regenerative formulas with genuine ingredients at the right dose - and always honest pricing.

Managing Director: David Wright

a man and a woman smiling for the camera

David and Angela Wright MBE

David has a degree in Biology and served on the British Antarctic Survey for three years, in Antarctica.

Dad to five, David has operated many businesses and specialises in logistics, service and fulfilling promises, providing practicalities to take care of customers and suppliers.

Affiliate Liaison, Accounts & Customer Service: Theresa Carson

a woman smiling for the camera

Theresa is a qualified book-keeper, keen organiser, netball coach and Mum of four! Theresa specialises in making sure things happen and tying up loose ends, so everything's organised. 

Brand Ambassador, Asia: Darren Jerome Low

Darren Low

Darren Jerome Low is very experienced in premium health and wellness products and is a keen proponent of Health Evolution. Darren lives in Singapore and travels throughout Asia, speaking English, Mandarin, and four Chinese dialects. More about Darren.


Digital Media and Creative Arts Manager: James Hembury

James is the creative and digital media genius within Health Evolution, his degree within this area has provided him with the qualifications and knowledge necessary to excel within his field.

 Accounts & Admin: Joan Layson

a person taking a selfie

Joan provides great support making sure all the accounting and admin is right. Mum of two, Joan is always happy to help. 

Customer Service Star: Jae Hong 

Jae Hong

Jae is first point of contact as our Korean/ English Customer Service Representative. Jae is usually the first point of contact for your queries and always happy to help. 

JaeHong is a native Korean speaker who has lived in the United States for 10 years and currently, resided in Nebraska, USA. His highest education level is Bachelor degree of Finance in University of Nebraska-Lincoln, pursuing PhD program at the moment.

He worked in the concierge company as a Korean representative customer service agent for 2 years, Springhill Healthcare Consulting for 1 year, Atomars exchange for a year.

His motto is "Customer service shouldn't just be a department, it should be the entire company." He always communicates with customers using good manners as he is the representative of Health Evolution.


German Ambassador and Customer Service Star: Mark Riotoc 

a person in a red shirt

Mark is a qualified Medical Nurse and continues his studies in medicine and also the German language, in addition to speaking English and Filipino. Mark is our Ambassador in Germany.

Further information

Dietary supplements are not medical drugs. Health Evolution products are designed to help you so you make the most of your life with more energy, better sleep and strength, more love.

It is not permitted to make health claims for dietary supplements in many parts of the world, even though all scientific evidence proves that our health is dependent upon what we ingest. This reminds us of Einstein's famous quotation, "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous"

    We recommend you carry out your own research. 

      We are committed to providing regenerative formulas with genuine ingredients at the recommended clinical dose - and always honest pricing. 


      YTE® Dynamic Youth Tissue Extract Live Active Ingredient

      Back in 2014, after carrying out months of due diligence, Angela flew around the world to meet the researchers and patent-holders of YTE® and to undertake more research.

      YTE® is the key live active ingredient of the Health Evolution 23 Aminos Formulas.

      Meeting in Norway, Angela uncovered a great deal of information about this supplement ingredient. Subsequently we work closely with the licence holders.

      Health Evolution formulas are the only nutritional supplements in the world formulated with genuine YTE® at the recommended clinical dose in our proprietary formulas.

      We only use genuine Norwegian YTE® Dynamic Protein Young Tissue Extract direct from providers and brand owners - the only authentic live dynamic fertilised incubated egg protein.

      Other egg proteins which are not live due to not being incubated and harvested in line with the patented and proven process of YTE®.

      Founding Principals

      Health Evolution's founding principles are:

          • Premium pure and natural products which really work
          • Genuine ingredients at the recommended clinical dose
          • Exceptional, caring service
          • Innovation based on diligence
          • Our customers' wellbeing central to ideas, products  and projects
          • The fairest and most generous affiliate program in the industry so we can reward our partners and affiliates with the ability to earn income equal to their individual efforts
          • Protecting our affiliates with always the best deals for customers
          • Providing good wholesale arrangements for health professionals and retailers to sell direct to patients, clients, and customers


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