Who are Health Evolution’s competitors, and can anyone stop me from telling people about it?

When a company has exclusivity on a product, there is no real competition.

After working with the “hero ingredient” Young Tissue Extract Dynamic Protein, known as YTE®, for six years, our company has been granted exclusivity.

This means no-one else – no corporations, companies, or individuals – has access to this ingredient.

Also, no-one else can use the term YTE®.

Of course, there are a lot of other supplements.

There are even some which claim to include an ingredient which “sounds like” “YTE®”.

None of these other formulas or products contains anything similar to YTE®.

What about if you've been using another supplement, or even representing another supplement company?

Many people choose to share information about a product and even represent a network marketing company, usually as an independent professional, or “independent business owner”, or “affiliate”, or “associate”, or “builder”.

With Health Evolution, You Are Free 

Here at Health Evolution, we don't mind if you also represent another company.

We know our formulas are the foundation to good health – but maybe there's something else you think is good for specific purposes, such as a high-quality facecream or essential oil, or whatever.

Other companies which have affiliates often say “you're not allowed to represent another product”. We think this is wrong – and the law agrees.

Some company owners have even threated to “sue” for speaking with their affiliates. That's wrong – and sounds like desperation.

Let's take an example: a business owner in California which makes an inferior product might threaten to sue a former affiliate if he speaks to other affiliates about a better product.

This is very easy to answer: California’s position is crystal clear: a non-compete agreement will not be enforced.

“Non-solicitation agreements” are illegal in California.

California law says you are free to speak with, recruit, and sell to whomever you want.

In California in particular, it is impossible to be sued for recruiting other affiliates, even if you were in a previous company together.

If any business owner in California threatens a former affiliate for speaking with his downline, that person is actually acting illegally.

In California, noncompete agreements are illegal as a matter of public policy. This means that a business cannot stop an affiliate or an employee from going to work for a competitor or starting a competing business.

In fact, California feels so strongly about a person's right to earn a living and move around freely that it's an illegal business practice to even ask someone in California to sign a noncompete agreement, let alone try to enforce it.

You Are Protected

We believe everyone deserves all the benefits of their own Health Evolution.

Don't let anyone try to stop you from living your best life.

Anyone who causes you difficulties, by wasting your time, money, or causing you anxiety, is not acting in your best interests.

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Affiliates, independent business owners, leaders and builders who join from other organisations can have their downline honoured as existing.

With our personalised compensation packages, affiliates who join now may be eligible to have current commission structures honoured.

Commissions are paid on 100% of total sales, including own purchases, paid twice monthly. This makes your earnings typically double what you might earn with any other company.

Joining is easy! Click here to apply to be an Affiliate. 

Health Evolution operates a well-funded, visionary, established, growing company with an unwavering commitment to affiliates.

We honor existing affiliate structures and downlines.

Both the pricing and the compensation commission are much improved for you.

We provide affiliates with better support, bigger compensation, easier software, faster payouts, improved marketing, and the only real YTE® formulas, with the only YTE® direct from Norway. There is nothing else like this. Find out about our four YTE® formulas here healthevolutionproject.com/pages/which-formulas and orders yours today.

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