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Should I be a vegan, vegetarian, or a meat-eater? 

The Master Survivor does them all!

BY Dr JOHNNY DELIRIOUS, Laboratory Naturopathic Doctor, Master Survivor Program

The Master Survivor does them all? What? You ask… how can that be; you are either one or the other. You either eat animal products or you don't. How can you be both?

There is logic behind this view and to understand the full story we have to go back in time over twenty-eight years ago when I had a life-threatening health crisis.

The doctors had given me less than eight months to live because my liver was ravished by twelve million hepatitis c viral load and over ninety-six per cent scar tissue as revealed by the liver biopsy.

The head of gastroenterology said I had to have a liver transplant to survive. I refused the transplant and the doctors said I was delirious. This was in 1992 at the University Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi. I was also ridiculed by family and friends when I decided not to do any conventional medical treatment.

Consequently, I was on my own in 1993 and I wanted to go back to my roots in Northwest Florida. My thought was if the doctors were right and I was going to die, I wanted to at least get back to the beach and be close to the ocean where I grow up.

Arriving in Pensacola, Florida I enrolled in the University of West Florida where I earned my Bachelor's of Communication degree. During this time period I was a student not only at the university but I used all of the resources at their library and the newly developing world wide web to find all the information I could about hepatitis and cirrhosis.

From my earlier work managing an analysis laboratory through the 1980s I had a solid base of knowledge and understanding about health and how the systems of the body worked. I also knew a bit about the biochemistry of the cells and with my new research, I was learning how we as humans interact with not only hepatitis, but virus of all types. Since I had a high viral load inside my liver and bloodstream, I realized that the key for me to live was to get my liver well.

The liver performs hundreds of different functions and it is such a gift and a marvel for us that the ancient Greeks, as well as the masters during the Renaissance, believed that the liver was our most important organ and said it gives us life; hence the root of its name because it helps us live. Therefore over the centuries to follow it was called the liver. Only in the past two or three hundred years modern science down-graded the liver's status to being the third most important organ after the heart and the brain. Physiologically the liver's importance to the body remains more important than ever. This is especially true when one such as myself is recovering from a hepatitis c viral infestation that occurs inside this organ.

Once the hepatitis virus is contracted, it takes refuge in the liver inside each hepatitic cell. The eventual result is the cell dies and becomes scar tissue. When viral load goes up, more virus occupy more cells and more cells die. Scar tissue increases as viral load increases and eventually all cells of the liver are occupied and die at which point the liver with cease to function. Death is the imminent result. Once I came to this understanding and realized what was actually happening, my conclusion was not only to lower my viral load but to eliminate the virus altogether.

During all this research at the university, I soon concluded that the main function of the liver was to keep the blood chemistry balanced. Granted, the liver has hundreds of functions that it performs but the reason I say this is one of the most important functions is that the blood supplies the brain and heart with nourishment. In other words, the liver provides the right balance of sugars, electrolytes, minerals and fatty acids in the blood and this keeps the heart and the brain going. Another primary function is to keep toxins out of the blood away from those vital organs. The Greeks were right, the liver helps us live.

If you have an infection in the body or even a high viral load in the liver, this organ will work hard to keep those toxins out of the bloodstream to protect the heart and the brain. Yet with the extra burden of toxins coming in from what we breathe, what we eat and what we drink; those extra toxins will be a detriment to the body's systems and will lower our immunity strength. Meats are also a burden for the liver because of the many conversion processes it takes to get the proteins in a usable form for the body. The chemistry in the liver to process meat is more complex if the liver is severely compromised by a high viral load. So, meat and commercial grade fast foods were out and were not part of my recovery diet. I did all my own cooking. I knew I had to eat as clean as I possibly could. I ate only organic and went with a vegan diet, drinking only spring water.

Remember my goal was to get rid of the virus. I had to take as much burden off my liver as possible, to help it get strong.

During this time period of my recovery I started volunteer work at our local natural foods CoOp, I assisted the instructor of the Organic Gardening course at our local college and with three others founded the Pensacola Vegetarian Society. So yes, I went totally vegan and ate mostly what I grew myself in my own garden and all the other products I consumed were organic from the CoOp. I did juice fasts, colonic irrigation and I started running 75 miles per week to train for the local marathon. This in my view was about as clean as I could get my body free of toxins and help my liver get strong enough to fight off that virus. But how did I make that all work you might ask?

The intense aerobic marathon training helped clean out my lymphatic system. The solvent to wash the lymphatic channels clean came from the extra hydration and enzymes of the Spring Water and fresh fruit and vegetable juice I drank every day and the juice fasting that I did every Friday. The lymphatic system is complete and covers the whole body. Because of the heavy exercise and regular hydration of water and fresh juices with the intense running, I did get my lymphatic nodes pumping and this process washed away the toxins and my lymphatic system was getting cleaner as it was moving wastes out of my body. 

The lymphatic system’s job is to take the toxins straight to my colon so they could exit the body. I wanted to avoid the Enterohepatic recirculation (EHC) process so I used colonic irrigation every night before bed to clean my colon and remove as many toxins as possible. It is a fact, whether that toxin is from a drug or other wastes we pick up, this is the primary way the body cleanses itself. The cleaner the colon is, the fewer toxins will be recirculated back through the liver. Keeping the lymphatics and the colon as clean as possible on a daily basis was the only way to eliminate any extra burden on the liver. This helped my liver be strong. (See Enterohepatic recirculation illustrated below

I was also keen on following the hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) that described the mineral levels present in the body. Showing both extracellular and intracellular mineral activity we can determine which foods to eat and which foods to avoid. 

Not only did I monitor my cell chemistry with the HTMA every six months, but I monitored my enzyme levels with a liver profile blood test every three months. In this way, I was able to manage my recovery rate by seeing if the minerals in the cells needed any adjustment with food and supplementation and also check my liver profile to see if my enzyme levels were going down. If the enzyme levels were not going down fast enough I would run more, drink more fresh juices and do more colonic irrigation. In sum, if my progress slowed down, I adjusted by applying more aggressive therapy.

By 1994, I had achieved my goal and in August of that year my blood test revealed “undetected” for hepatitis c. It was a happy day, but the joy was short lived when I remembered I still had ninety-six percent scar tissue. I dug down deeper in all the knowledge I gleaned to find the answers to eliminate cirrhosis. Such healing does not exist and is not recorded in any journals anywhere in the world. Again, I was on my own breaking new ground and formulating new science.

Through my research and experience of being a vegan, I measured that about fifteen to twenty per cent of my total caloric intake was protein. Through conjecture, I believed that in order for my liver to regenerate more hepatitic cells and build tissue back, I needed at least seventy-five to eighty per cent of total caloric intake as protein. I also discovered from monitoring the analysis of my body, that this eighty per cent protein I consumed had to come from a food source. I could not use the concentrated protein powders, from soy meal replacements or other chemical proteins that bodybuilders took to get more protein because that always ran my enzyme levels up in my liver profile blood tests when I took these products. However, eating eggs and meat, like lean chicken, turkey, fish and occasional beefsteak did not run my liver enzyme levels too high because my liver could process that easier. So, I started eating meat. With the extra protein my liver had the building blocks to regenerate itself. It was not a simple methodology but once I started and practised the new habits and routines; it then became easy to do.

All the doctors told me that it was impossible to get rid of the virus and impossible to get rid of the cirrhosis. I had gotten the virus out, now the race was on to eliminate the cirrhosis and over the next few weeks, I came to an important realization. I was doing healing that had never been done before. No one showed me how to do anything. I was truly on my own. The ridicule from the doctors, family and friends saying I was delirious and going to die drove me on, but I knew they were all wrong. When I eventually got rid of my scar tissue (all verified by the MRI) at the end of 1995, I realized that there is always a way to live if we work hard enough and focus on achieving our goal.

Now I had formulated a methodology to get rid of both the hepatitis c virus and extensive scar tissue in my liver. The biggest surprise for everyone was when I told them I had to start eating meat in order to get rid of my cirrhosis. This new strategy was against the beliefs of every health practitioner I knew. Seeing them gasp in astonishment when I totally recovered by adding meat to my diet, I was certain that my work is truly beyond PhD.

Death looking me in the eye was my greatest gift because it inspired me to choose life and apply the Greek's Golden Ratio to my recovery and the healing programs for my patients. For me it saved my life; for my patients, becoming a Master Survivor is not venturing out into the unknown. NO! My patients have a road map for total wellness where I am using laboratory reports to show exactly where they are and where they are going.

The exact intricacies of my proprietary methodology for eliminating a virus from the body and getting scar tissue out of the liver are only available to those patients who participate in the Master Survivor Program Premium Consultant or in the upper-level graduate work of the Masters and Doctorate tracks of the Master Survivor University.

After experiencing my unique Golden Ratio healing system many of the patients participating in the Master Survivor Program Premium Consultation were surprised with their dramatic improvement and expressed to me that this is all magic. But during those eureka moments of hearing the joy of my patients realizing they have a new lease on life, I told them this was not magic at all, this is science.

I don't have any big marketing programs, social media video packages or snappy sales hooks on my website. All my new patients come to me by referral. Their success and recovery is my only goal and purpose of my life.

Over the decades, I have helped so many others heal when they were told they were going to die. My response to them was “If you decide to become a Master Survivor, you will live, and I will guide you using laboratory tests every step of the way.” This was my calling.

Being a vegan was great and necessary to get rid of a heavy viral load of any kind but there are also important essential amino acids needed as well as vitamin B-12 that I was not getting from a strict vegan diet. I had to make some changes to completely heal.

Adding meat and eggs to my diet was important. A good source of B-12 is liver and eating liver definitely helped my own liver regeneration itself. This was my best option since it has been difficult to get enough B-12 any other way.

Today, I want to be a vegetarian again because I found a great source of B-12 with the patented YTE providing all twenty-three amino acids in one product that is made from a balanced food form that comes only from hen's eggs.

Some vegetarians will eat eggs and are referred to as Ovo Vegetarians. So now with the AminoB12 product from Health Evolution, Johnny wants to become an Ovo Vegetarian.


Because Health Evolution uses only the correct dosage of both B-12 and the YTE® in their AminoB12 product. This way I can get all the B12 and all twenty-three amino acids in the right balance from a food source and I don't have to be a flesh-eater anymore.

Life is good!

The opinions expressed in this article are by the author, Dr Johnny Delirious, of the Master Survivor Program, and may not be the same as those held by Health Evolution.

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