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This information is for Super Affiliates only. Do not share except with other Super Affiliates:

Explanation Video:

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Here is the information in detail:

Your Affiliate Links:

You have three affiliate links and a coupon code:

  • Your personalised affiliate link    )
  • Your regular affiliate link             ) these affiliate links both work in exactly the same way for you
  • Your link to invite other affiliates to join under you
  • Your Coupon Code is for new customers to use to save 10% at checkout - this tracks sales to you whether or not they buy through your affiliate link - let us know if you want us to change this to a specific coupon code

You can share your coupon code with anyone to use on the Health Evolution site and your customer will save 10% discount on their initial order. This coupon code is used at the checkout, to apply the discount before payment. When used, this will then track this and ALL future sales to you, for the entire lifetime of the customer.

How To Purchase:

The best way for people to purchase is:

  • Buy now as we currently are offering free shipping
  • Buy a bundle of 3 or 6 or 12 bottles, as we pass on our administrative savings
  • Choose the Subscribe & Save option, as this saves a further 10% - this can of course be cancelled at any time, and customers receive a reminder before the repeat orders are shipped
  • Use your coupon code and save a further 10% on the initial order of each customer

More information:

Log into your Customer Account to purchase product here https://healthevolutionproject.com/account/login or you can just go to the website and start buying, then login during the checkout process

Affiliate Training Portal:

Your Affiliate Training Portal is here https://healthevolutionproject.com/affiliate-training-portal

- to get access to this page, enter

Super Affiliate

as the password - that's

Super space Affiliate

Wholesale Page:

If you want to buy wholesale and have physical product on hand, you can see the Super Affiliates’ Wholesale page here https://healthevolutionproject.com/product-category/super-affiliates/

- to get access to this page, enter

Super Affiliate

as the password - that's

Super space Affiliate

and you can see the wholesale prices we sell at to our Doctors, Retailers, and other Super Affiliates. You can make $1,000-$1,500 per wholesale bundle of 50 bottles, depending on whether you sell at $77 or $87 per bottle. All explained in the training at the https://healthevolutionproject.com/affiliate-training-portal

Different Currencies:

Remember, if you want to see the prices in a different currency, click on the Currency shown in the top right corner on desktop

- or if you're on a cellphone/mobile view, click on the three little bars in the top left corner then it's in the dropdown of links

The final checkout is always in $USD, as we are a US company.

Seeing The Website In Your Language:

To change the language on the website, click on the Language options shown in the bottom right corner, on both desktop and mobile view

Currently, the website has been professionally translated into


Mandarin (both Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional)

If the language you want is not showing, you can instead add a Google Translate extension which will automatically translate for you - here is the official link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-translate/aapbdbdomjkkjkaonfhkkikfgjllcleb/related

How To Get Your Affiliate Commissions:

Finally, here's how to get paid your affiliate commission:


More Information About Being An Affiliate:

Go back to Affiliate Training Portal for more information:


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