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The name TeloMind™ stands for "Telomeres" and "Mind". We are often asked why we chose this name, when we first created TeloMind in 2016?

Your telomeres are sections of DNA found at the end of each of your chromosomes. These are like little caps which serve to protect you. They are often compared to the plastic protective tips in shoelaces that protect a shoelace from unravelling. In this same way, telomeres play an important role in protecting the DNA and keeping it stable.

During your lifetime, your telomeres get shorter and shorter and this is the basic reason why you age.

With every cell division, a small part of your telomeres is not copied and this causes them to gradually shrink. Shorter telomeres cause your DNA to become unstable and then you are prone to disease.

The shorter your telomeres, the older you become biologically; while the opposite is also true. The longer your telomeres, the younger your cells are biologically; and the better your health.

The second part of our name represents the difference TeloMind™ makes to your mind, through managing the stress hormone cortisol. This enables you to benefit from positive mood, deep restful sleep, focus and concentration.

You can get your telomeres tested by a variety of companies online.

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