Information About Telomind – Advanced Pure Live Active Nutrition

As you may know, Telomind™is the most advanced YTE® formula available.

We recommend Telomind™, as the ideal YTE® formula for you to use because it contains the genuine Norwegian YTE® at the recommended dose within a strong botanical supportive formula of Rhodiola Rosea, L-Arginine, Ginkgo biloba and Inulin.

Ninety years ago, legendary Canadian Doctor John Davidson successfully treated patients with his medical discovery.

Fifty years later, Scandinavian governments researched the same medical breakthrough.

Back in 2104, Angela Wright MBE discovered this unique, rare, and all-natural ingredient.

We are talking about YTE®, the ONLY Young Tissue Extract with Pure Live Active Nutrition.

The ingredient is unique and rare. It takes nine days to produce, and is the only source of Pure Live Active Nutrition.

The Health Evolution innovation is to take this rare natural ingredient and carefully craft a supportive botanical formula into a unique health foundation PLAN with the twin powers of managing stress and rebuilding from the inside out.

What this means is the solution to cortisol management and stem cell regeneration.

Only this one Pure Live Active Nutrition ingredient has this ability to be the foundation to transformed health:

– manages stress

– builds cellular energy

– and regenerates stem cells.

Being more rested, happier and more energetic are the results of having the health “PLAN” of Pure Live Active Nutrition.

All from a single ingredient which takes nine days to produce.

This ingredient has to be carefully prepared for production over many months before the crucial production including nine days of incubated, prior to being harvested, freeze-dried and milled in a proprietary process so that all the Pure Live Active Nutrition is captured. 

The YTE® raw ingredient is only produced in one location, in pristine Norway, before being finally formulated in FDA-registered facilities in the US.

This single rare and unique ingredient has the twin abilities to manage cortisol, the stress hormone, while at the same time regenerate stem cells in the brain and body.

We have developed different YTE® formulas in the five years that our Health Evolution company has been in operation.

Health Evolution is the only company in the world which has consistently worked with genuine Norwegian YTE® at the recommended dose. 

We work directly with the Norwegian farmer producers who have a joint venture with Berg Nutrition, with whom Health Evolution has an exclusive arrangement.

Because of the confusion caused by some people claiming to have an ingredient which sounds like YTE®, or talking about “young” or “youth” “tissue extract” with no basis, we are introducing the term DynamEP™ YTE® to prove that this is the original Norwegian Dynamic Egg Protein.

There is no ingredient in the world similar to DynamEP™ YTE®.

DynamEP™ stands for “Dynamic Egg Protein”.

YTE® is DynamEP™ YTE®.

There is nothing else like this in the world.

There is no other dynamic young tissue extract egg protein.

As one of the key original researchers says, “If you don't take this ingredient, you might as well have a fried egg for breakfast because there is nothing else like this”.

Discover the foundation of good health: Pure Live Active Nutrition from DynamEP™ YTE®.

You can see more information about this here.

All of the YTE® formulas are available on the website. The range includes:





We provide a choice of these YTE® formulas because everybody and every day is different.

And everybody needs this foundational health “PLAN” because this is the only complete single source of all the amino acids, the building blocks of life, along with Fibroblast Growth Factor, vitamins and minerals.

You can place your order here. During the order process you will be asked to confirm your account. Currently, we have free shipping on orders over $100 and we strongly recommend you take up this offer.

If you prefer to place your order over the telephone, call us on (225) 442-9766 • International +1 (225) 442-9766.

To schedule a call to speak personally with co-founder Angela Wright MBE or one of our team, go to http://www.calendly.com/angelawright.

Or simply order online here now.

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