How To Get Paid As An Affiliate


Commission Payments are every two weeks, on the first and third Wednesday in every month.

Each payment period begins on the Monday immediately prior to the first and third Wednesdays in the month at 12am Pacific Time.


As an affiliate, you earn a minimum of 12% when someone orders through your affiliate link or using your affiliate coupon code.

When your sales increase, you earn up to 20%. When another affiliate signs up under you, that affiliate earns those affiliate commissions.

As the "referring affiliate" to another affiliate, you earn 5% on all those affiliate's sales.

So: if you have a customer who buys $100 of TeloMind, you earn $12.

If you have three affiliates who each sell $100 of product to a customer, you earn $15 because that is 5% of $100 x 3

Each of those affiliates under you would have also earned 12%, or $12 on a $100 sale.

Most of our affiliates have both customers and affiliates.

These affiliates earn 12% on all customer sales

and 5% on all affiliate sales, from affiliates who are under them.

They also earn on the sales of affiliates under those affiliates, down through 10 levels, so that can be a lot of passive income.

Health Evolution affiliate commission matrix

This is one of 5 ways we pay affiliates. Full information about all the ways you can earn money to be paid can be found at the Affiliate Training Portal, here


We can pay via PayPal, or by Bank Transfer, or via MoneyGram:

1. We recommend you receive your commission via Paypal.

Simply email us your Paypal email address (the email you use to login to your Paypal account). If you don't have a Paypal account, open one free here:

Tell us the email address you use for Paypal by emailing us at

We recommend you use the same email address as you us for your Affiliate and Customer Accounts with us.

Commission Payments are made on Day 1 for Paypal payments and on Day 3 for Bank Transfer Payments.

2. If for some reason you cannot use Paypal, send us your bank account information and we will pay your commission by bank transfer.

Your Commission Payments will be paid to you 2-5 days later if Bank Transfer.

3. If you cannot use Paypal or Bank Transfer, eg if you are overseas and this presents difficulties for you, we can pay you by Moneygram in exceptional circumstances. This applies to our Affiliates in Russia and Ukraine, for example. If you need to receive your commission via Moneygram, email us at

4. If you wish to use your Commission to buy more product, message us before the Commission Payment Date and we will arrange this for you.


More information about being an Affiliate for Health Evolution here:


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