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Welcome to the Affiliate Training Portal for our affiliates and medical professionals.


Log into your Affiliate Back Office here:
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– use password 12345 unless you have already changed this: we recommend you change the password so this is known only to you

You have your own replicated website with us, which is your affiliate link. Log into your affiliate back office or read on to find out more.

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Here is an easy explanation of prices for different size packages:

Here is the comprehensive invitation and introductory video training presentation which you can share with potential new affiliates, health professionals, marketers, retailers, and wholesalers (1 hour 48 minutes video training)

Presentation #1: Full Information

Click Here for the Training Video Presentation

Presentation #2: The Compensation Plan Earnings Details For Affiliates

In a nutshell, we pay affiliate commission to 10 levels because we'd rather pay you than Google, Facebook, or Amazon, for advertising. We set aside up to 40% to pay as affiliate commission, starting at 12-20% of the sales value for all affiliates. Here's what the first three levels look like – but remember, we pay up to ten levels!

Affiliate Total Monthly Sales

Health Evolution LLC welcomes people to participate as a Customer, as an Influencer, or as a Super Affiliate. Click below for the quick read about the best compensation plan commission payments (quick read, 6 page document including example earnings)

You can find all of the details here.

Presentation #3: Full Affiliate Slide Presentation

See the full Health Evolution Slide Presentation (comprehensive 48-page PDF presentation – powerpoint slides available on request)

Please click here.

Presentation #4: All Frequently Asked Questions

Health Evolution LLC has a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions on our website (website page, quick read)

Presentation #5:  Wholesale Collection Only Available to Super Affiliates

We offer our Super Affiliates a great discount on wholesale orders (link to webpage with wholesale packages):

You can see the wholesale packages hereThis page is password protected, for Super Affiliates only:the password issuper affiliate(super space affiliate)

Presentation #6:  Quick Tips For Affiliates

Go here for exactly how to purchase, and how to enrol both customers and affiliates: (link to web page for Super Affiliates only – quick read)

Presentation #7:  How To Get Paid As An Affiliate

Information about how to get paid as an affiliate: (link to web page – quick read, for Affiliates only).

Presentation #8:  How To Meet With The Health Evolution Team:

Arrange a Meeting or Call – full details here: (link to web page).

Presentation #9:  How To Meet With Our Health Evolution Ambassador in Singapore:

Arrange a Meeting with Mr Darren Low – full details here: (link to web page).

Presentation #10:  How To Meet With Mrs Angela Wright MBE, Cofounder of Health Evolution

Arrange a Meeting with Mrs Angela Wright MBE – full details here: (link to web page).

Presentation #11:  Latest Health News

Get the latest information here: (link to all our articles – comprehensive information, multiple web pages).

Presentation #12:  The Science

Links to the science, all about the benefits, Doctors and Medical Professionals, our Supplement Advisory Panel: (link to comprehensive information about the science and the rigorous work to ensure our supplements are effective).

Presentation #13:  Product Guides

Links to the printable Product Guides can be downloaded here:

Telomind Product Guide:

AminoBoosters Product Guide:

AminoB12 Product Guide:

AminoSerene Product Guide:

Presentation #14:  Affiliate Training Presentation 1

Health Evolution Affiliates – #1 Introduction Video, 5 minutes 49 seconds

Presentation #15: Ultimate Health & Immunity 30 Day System: TeloMind & AminoSerene

Health Evolution Ultimate Health & Immunity Product – when only the best is enough:

Section #16: How to attach your affiliate link to any page

Yes, you can add your affiliate link to any page on the website including product pages.

Also, be assured that if you send to a page with your ID attached, for example – which will be something like p=BcCa3bFB6 – and then the recipient goes from that page to a product page and orders, your affiliate sale is still tracked.

And you will receive affiliate commission for the lifetime of the customer!

Remember: your affiliate link is in your affiliate dashboard: login at

Section #17: Affiliate Training Webinar in English & Korean

With Angela Wright MBE and Joseph Choi – key points interpreted in Korean by Joseph Choi

Section #18: Introduction to our distributors in Korea, DoubleJ International:

As always, do contact us if we can help you more.

Here's to living your best life.

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