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YTE® Bulletin: Important Information

TeloMind™ - the proven, life-changing supplement - is available, unchanged, from the original source here on this website.

Any other supplements with a similar name are not the same.

“FTE” is not made by the originator and is not similar to YTE®. YTE® is the only fertilized semi-incubated dynamic egg young tissue extract. Any other named products or individuals attempting to copy any variant of the name or claiming to represent the product will be dealt with legally, as this unique product is protected by law.

Health Evolution holds the exclusive agreement to use YTE® through a joint-venture with Berg Nutrition and the Norwegian egg farmer whose family developed the ingredient together with the original researcher Dr. Eskeland. There are no other producers in the world.

Health Evolution operates a well-funded, visionary, established, growing company with an unwavering commitment to affiliates. We honor all existing affiliate structures and downlines. The pricing and the compensation commission are both much improved for you.

We provide affiliates with better support, bigger compensation, easier software, faster payouts, improved marketing, and the real YTE® formulas.

We provide TeloMind™ and a range of our own proprietary independently-tested top quality formulas because everybody and every day is different.

We created our Health Evolution company and YTE® formulas including TeloMind™ because there was nowhere else customers could buy genuine YTE® at the recommended clinical dose, and honestly priced.

We know people all over the world rely on being able to buy the genuine formula and get actual cast-iron results.

We are committed to making this available to you and, because you can now buy direct from us, the prices and compensation packages are even better than before.

To know more, you can contact the Co-founder, Angela Wright MBE, personally and in confidence by calling  (225) 442-9766 or emailing

You can buy your TeloMind™ here at the official website or by phoning: (225) 442-9766.

The TeloMind™ stem cell formula has been provided since 2016 by Health Evolution, from Nevada USA, the company which makes the only genuine Norwegian YTE® range of formulas.

TeloMind™ was formerly provided to Lifedesigner Inc owned by Bernard Chung, also known as Bernard Joung, under an Agreement from 2016 to September 2019.

In this Agreement, Bernard Chung acknowledged that all Intellectual Property belongs to Health Evolution, including the formula, product, branding, website, and business.

Health Evolution developed the formula, owned the website, managed all the manufacturing, dealt with all payments, and owned the business.

Bernard Chung was the sales person.

That Agreement ended in September 2019 and was not renewed. Health Evolution officially terminated all connections with Lifedesigner Inc and Bernard Chung on November 15th 2019.

Health Evolution has exclusive rights to Norwegian YTE® with a legal Agreement directly with the providers.

Anyone who has taken an off-brand, “fake news” supplement knows it is ineffective.

Your body responds uniquely and dramatically to the real YTE® available ONLY in TeloMind™ and the YTE® formulas available ONLY from the original suppliers since 2016: HEALTH EVOLUTION.

Which is why if you are looking for science-based, double-blind research supporting YTE® products, you should go to the official site for information and availability of real, science-based, Norwegian YTE®.

DON’T BE FOOLED by products no longer able to get real YTE® but claiming their ingredients use something which sounds similarAsk for the research! Ask for evidence-based science! Ask for all the proof you get with TeloMind™ and other HEALTH EVOLUTION products.

We know that YTE® has often been sold by affiliate and so we have worked hard to create the most generous, fairest compensation package for affiliates, retailers, and distributors.

The Health Evolution compensation strategy is as powerful for your AMBITION as TeloMind YTE® is for your COGNITION!

We appreciate the support, past and present, of customers, affiliates, and health professionals.

You can buy your TeloMind™ here at the official website or by calling (225) 442-9766, or from an affiliate.

Affiliates can log into the affiliate back office here.

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