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"I am pleased to share my family's testimonial with you:

"Here are my before and after photos:

Before taking TeloMind:
After taking TeloMind:
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"My family greatly benefits from TeloMind.
Here are some examples:
"My autistic daughter has epilepsy, hyperactivity, and sleep problems.
The main concern I had for my daughter was her low mood. She was crying randomly, wanted to hurt herself, lost all interest in life, had no appetite, suffered from insomnia, and was restless all the time.
After taking TeloMind, my daughter was able to get good sleep from day one, and everything improved since then.
She has been taking TeloMind since 2017 and her sleep pattern and cognitive senses improved significantly.
She is able to sleep better resulting improvement in quality of life.
I've been looking for a supplement without ginkgo and found AminoSerene.
I have her take 2 AminoSerene and 2 TeloMind daily. She is more calm, mood swings are stabilized, concentration improved and she hasn't had a seizure since 2017.
TeloMind and AminoSerene were taken in addition to the prescribed medications.
She is now very happy, active and full of energy.
Low mood that couldn't be cured with medication prescribed by the Psychiatrist was cured by taking TeloMind.
My family are grateful for this life changing supplement.
I've tried many brands of YTE young tissue extract and TeloMind is truly the best and most pure. Also, HealthEvolution has best customer service ever!
I am very satisfied.
My daughter Helen has asked me to tell you this:
"I have been diagnosed and battling from an autoimmune disorder for 18 years and been on immuno-suppressant and steroid medication the entire time.
Some of the side effects include fatigue, bruises everywhere, hair loss, loss of memory, arthritis pain.. etc, just to name a few.
In 2017, I was introduced to TeloMind and after taking it for about 2 weeks, 4 pills twice a day, my energy level, skin, and memory improved significantly.
I struggled with alopecia for a few years and even met with a renowned dermatologist in California.
The Doctor said I had a permanent hair loss so didn't expect any changes to my hair. However, after taking Telomind for almost a month, my hair started to grow back thicker and healthier, even on the spots where the doctor claimed there will be no hair growth!
Currently, I take 2 pills twice a day. This supplement is by far the most effective and I would recommend it to all my friends and family."
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