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Who can I tell about Health Evolution’s life-changing supplements?

It has come to our attention that another supplement company based in California is harassing former customers and distributors, claiming they must not tell anyone about Health Evolution genuine formulas.

This is very easy to answer: California’s position is crystal clear: a non-compete agreement will not be enforced.

“Non-solicitation agreements” are illegal in California.

California law says you are free to speak with, recruit, and sell to whomever you want.

In California in particular, it is impossible to be sued for recruiting other affiliates, even if you were in a previous company together.

If any business owner in California threatens a former affiliate for speaking with his or her downline or customers, that person is actually acting illegally.

In California, non-compete agreements are illegal as a matter of public policy. This means that a business cannot stop an affiliate or an employee from going to work for a competitor or starting a competing business.

In fact, California feels so strongly about a person's right to earn a living and move around freely that it's an illegal business practice to even ask someone in California to sign a non-compete agreement, let alone try to enforce it.

I wrote about this in February: please see

You are free to share this information with whoever you wish, and as many people as you like.

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