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Longevity & Complex Case Specialist, Medical Researcher

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Dr Christopher Hertzog is a respected Longevity Specialist and medical researcher in the field of Anti-Ageing (Positive Ageing) and Complex Case Medicine.

Dr Chris has a Primary Medical Degree from Cambridge University, studied Law at the “Inns of Court” in London, and was a lecturer in Law prior to his long and continuing career as a medical researcher.

Specialties: new advances in AAM - Anti-Ageing Medicine and Complex Case Protocols, as well as in the field of cancer and terminal cancer research. 

Dr Chris is a member of the British Longevity Society, specialising in anti-aging and anti-cancer treatments.

Dr Chris "walks the talk", seeming far younger than his 80 years, still travelling the world nonstop consulting with private patients on all continents, attending the most important conferences globally on cancer and healthy ageing, and still with his "wings" as a keen pilot.

Dr Hertzog is a specialist longevity and complex case Doctor who consults to private clients around the world.

Dr Hertzog has researched what he believes to be the best package of supplements to take at this current time: Dr Hertzog works closely with and spends considerable time in China, Indonesia, the US, Australasia, Europe, and the UK. As a result, Dr Hertzog has produced a Protocol for his private clients around the world. We ourselves have purchased these packages for our own use, and for our family.

We are happy to make this package available to you at cost, personally sourced and shipped by Dr Hertzog from his UK home: contact us if you would like to order.

Health Evolution is honoured to be working with Dr Christopher Hertzog, a highly respected pioneer in human longevity and healthy ageing.

Contact Dr Hertzog via our Contact page.