Not For Resale


The following country is a Health Evolution NFR country:

Republic of Korea.

NFR stands for Not For Resale, and in this instance means that product cannot be purchased to be shipped to nor consumed nor resold to others in any location designated as NFR.

Health Evolution has appointed Republic of Korea distributors DoubleJ International.

DoubleJ International allows consumers to sign up as affiliates and/or customers, purchase products at wholesale and retail, and refer others to the product.

Individuals and businesses including medical professionals may be affiliates and/or customers of both Health Evolution and DoubleJ International.

You may sign up others to become affiliates and/or customers so that anyone can build their business on a global level.

Not all Health Evolution products are available for purchase in all countries in which Health Evolution is open as NFR or otherwise.

DoubleJ international can supply the KFDA approved product “TeloNine" to affiliates and customers in South Korea and elsewhere.

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Contact DoubleJ International:

Mr JongSun Ju (82) 10 8857 2112

More information here:

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