Why do we say this?

The unique rare natural ingredient we use is the only single complete source to both rebalance and rebuild the brain and body

Life Uncomplicated means  "your life" which also means "how you are living now" … and it’s about making life easier so everything flows more naturally with grace and joy

As a company, we have a very simple philosophy: we are the sole source of the transformative YTE ingredient and we only use this and other genuine ingredients at recommended clinical dose - and always at good value pricing.

Life Uncomplicated" explains the beauty of our ingredient because it is one single ingredient - even though it has all the complexities of life.

Life Uncomplicated explains our company because we provide genuine pure natural ingredients at the correct clinical dose - obviously what is needed, with no unnatural complications or artificial chemicals.

Life Uncomplicated describes how our formulas work, because by enabling you to manage and balance your cortisol, and at the same time rebuild and regenerate your stem cells, you experience the transformation of simply good health.

So more of the "real you" can shine through, without the complications of illness, stress, or premature ageing.

There is no other ingredient in the world similar to Young Tissue Extract Dynamic Protein YTE Young Tissue Extract.

Our AA23 P.L.A.N. formulas are unlike anything else.

AA23 stands for the 23 amino acids at exactly the right natural balance contained in YTE Young Tissue Extract.

P.L.A.N. stands for the Pure Live Active Nutrition within YTE Young Tissue Extract - where the “essence of life” is captured and preserved during a proprietary process, including Fibroblast Growth Factor which regenerates stem cells and contributes to being Happier, Younger, Rested.

Join us and discover how good life can feel.

Experience your own Health Evolution when you choose the formulas right for you, all backed by the Triple Guarantee:

As a service to humanity, we need to spend money on marketing and communications, so that more people know about the profound benefits of our proprietary formulas.

Instead of only spending on advertising with Google and Facebook, we also have a unique Super Affiliate Program.

In line with our Life Uncomplicated approach, our Super Affiliate Program strives to provide the best, most generous, compensation plan in the industry. We are not a typical affiliate or MLM or "influencer" business: instead, we share revenue with our Affiliates through a robust and transparent platform, because we recognise that "time is money".

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