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You already know how the unique rare and natural Norwegian YTE® in our supplements is clinically proven to regenerate stem cells and rebalance hormones, particularly cortisol the stress hormone.

The regeneration, rebalancing and renewing effects of YTE® at clinical dose are well known, recorded in clinical trials, published research, and in the thousands of testimonials over the years.

And now science is catching up.

YTE® and stem cell regeneration 

Stem cells are the body's master cells. All other cells arise from stem cells, which are the body's raw materials. Stem cells generate all other cells.. 

The regenerative power of stem cells usually declines with age, which is why injuries heal more slowly for older people than in childhood. 

Decades of research just published show the connection between stem cells and advances in regenerative medicine.

Two separate medical journals have just published serious research proving how stem cell regeneration can work.

In a study published in “Aging”, researchers have found that younger cells can restore older cells through “intercellular communication”. This study shows how to reverse the problems with old stem cells, so they work again.

Even more exciting, regenerated natural killer cells have been found to eliminate cancer cells, preventing and reversing the problems of old age and also improving responses to vaccines and infections. Natural killer cells are part of our inbuilt immune system

Until now, aging puts us more at risk from chronic diseases and infection.

The study admits that, “Outcomes of emerging drugs to reverse age underscore the complex aging process and demonstrate the challenge of using a single drug”.

Of course, research is always looking for easily scalable (inexpensive) solutions.

But we know life isn’t usually like that. There isn’t usually a way to “cheat”.

That’s why genuine YTE® is the complete complex as created by Mother Nature.

Only YTE® contains all the amino acids, Fibroblast Growth Factor, vitamins and minerals carefully preserved with all the life-changing and life-giving elements intact. 

No cheap artificial shortcuts with side effects.

Only all-natural highly effective results with no known contra-indications.

Another medical journal, “Cells” has recently published about decades of research showing stem cells could fuel advances in regenerative medicine

Professor of Medicine Dr. Eckhard Alt at Tulane University has outlined how a type of adult stem cell holds tremendous promise to fuel advances in treating everything from knee joint restoration to helping paraplegics regain mobility after severe spinal cord injuries. His research is with adult human stem cells involving medical procedures.

YTE® does not use human stem cells - instead, YTE® is a rare, all-natural, Norwegian ingredient.

The active power within YTE® taken as a supplement is proven to generate stem cells in a completely natural way.

The impact of stem cell regeneration is increasingly understood. 

YTE® and hormones including cortisol, the “stress hormone”

On a different note, another new study published this month shows how Covid-19 targets the adrenal glands - where cortisol is produced. Adrenal glands which have been overworked due to chronic cortisol production are particularly vulnerable.

The study shows that the adrenal gland is a main target for the viral infection, causing cellular damage, which may directly contribute to C-19 symptoms and “long COVID”. 

Of course, we are not saying that our supplements can treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease. This is because the FDA and other regulations do not allow supplements to make such claims, even when proven to do so.

Medical specialists are talking about the “next generation of medicine” - and you can get YTE® today within our most powerful formula ever, TeloMind.

You know how your energy, health and youthfulness all depend on the choices you make.

There is nothing else like the unique and rare Norwegian YTE® Proteins, recommended by Doctors and used by 1000s of professionals in the US, UK, Europe, Korea, Australia, and all around the world.

Clinically-proven stress relief, improved digestion, deep sleep, muscle gain, rejuvenated health and happiness, vitality and energy.

It’s how you Evolve Inside™ …

Now you can rediscover rejuvenation and life-changing results.

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