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Our company has been established since 2014.

We wanted to let people get access to the life-changing benefits of real YTE® and to know the quantity in each serving, which at the time was not possible.

After much due diligence and a team visit to Norway, we created our health supplements company and formulas specifically to enable access to the genuine Norwegian YTE® Young Tissue Extract ingredient at the recommended clinical therapeutic dose, at good value pricing.

We are the ONLY company with an ongoing relationship with the Norwegian producers.

Often imitated, never duplicated: there is NO other product in any way similar to YTE®.

Only Health Evolution formulas contain genuine YTE®. These formulas are




We have been providing YTE® supplements since 2014 and during that time we have seen numerous false claims and outright lies by other companies and individuals. Insist on Health Evolution formulas.


Life-changing supplements


We make life less complicated by providing genuine therapeutic nutrition at the recommended clinical dose and always good value.

Our supplements support immunity, release anxiety and stress, and regenerate stem cells.

In today's world, it is no longer possible to get enough nutrition from food alone and this is coupled with overwhelming, relentless stress triggers including emotional triggers, financial worries, infections, and toxins.

Humans are not designed to live like this. It’s essential to balance cortisol and rebuild stem cells to be the best version of you.

Only Health Evolution’s Pure Live Active Nutrition - P.L.A.N. Formulas, with YTE® - provide the essential missing links to provide energy, relieve stress, and rebuild the brain and body.


Help as many people as possible live as well as possible, regardless of age, ancestry, color, creed, economic ability, genetics, location, national origin, politics or race.

We provide the best value supplements because we are a family-owned company without demanding shareholders and expensive offices, so we pass these savings on to our customers.

We even have a Pay What You Can program, so no-one is left behind.


Enjoying good health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being. The health of all is fundamental to the peace and security of each individual.

We recognise that babies are dependent …

… Young thinkers seek independence

… Fully developed adults recognise our interdependence on each other and the natural world.


▪ Generosity and hospitality

▪ Kindness and compassion

▪ Science and research

▪ Truth and honour

▪ Wisdom and knowledge

Health Evolution LLC originally operated through our wholly-owned brand Get Your Boom! Back. Our first "GYBB" formulas was AminoBoosters.

In 2016, we created a new formula called TeloMind and began using the LifeDesigners identity,, selling through a distributor.

The three year distribution agreement ended in 2019 and we decided to focus on our Health Evolution identity, and also sell through this website, providing the entire Get Your Boom! Back range along with our formula  TeloMind.

This decision was partly made from feedback we were getting saying that Get Your Boom! Back was sometimes perceived as a somewhat flippant name, whereas we have always been seriously committed to exacting science and due diligence.

  • We started with one formula - AminoBoosters, as part of the our Get Your Boom! Back range). This formula is particularly effective for energy and is most used by our younger customers.
  • We developed the TeloMind formula in 2016. This formula is particularly effective for rejuvenation and is very popular with our more mature customers.
  • AminoSerene was created in 2017, as a supportive formula, resulting from insights from our panel of dietary supplement and nutrition experts: AminoSerene contains the entire Vitamin B complex at clinical dose, in the same way that the other three formulas contain the entire available amino acids at clinical dose. AminoSerene is particularly used as a supportive formula alongside one of the other three full clinical dose formulas, particularly by business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives and other change-makers.
  • The formula AminoB12 has been superseded by AminoSerene due to even greater efficacy. This formula is specifically to serve people who cannot tolerate the Ginkgo biloba herb which is in both AminoBoosters and TeloMind. AminoSerene contains Ashwagandha, BioPerine, L-Citrulline, and the entire vitamin B complex including MecobalActive® B12, which is very important for highly sensitive people.
  • We provide this range of personalised YTE® formulas because everybody and every day is different.

In addition to the Get Your Boom! Back website,

the UK website My Health Immunity

is authorised to sell our products in £GBP, so this can be more convenient for UK customers. My Health Immunity and our life-changing formulas were recently featured in UK national newspaper the Sunday Telegraph.

The latest Health News is here:


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