Amino Acids: What They Do and How to Boost Your Levels of Amino Acids

Amino Acids are organic compounds necessary for the metabolic system to work properly. They transport and store all nutrients in the body, including protein, fat, and water as well as vitamins and minerals. When the metabolic system is not working correctly it can lead to obesity, diabetes, and many other serious health concerns. In addition, it can also result in cosmetic problems that can be equally troublesome, like thinning hair and aging skin.

Why Amino Acid Levels Suffer

Maintaining the proper level of essential Amino Acids requires eating a well balanced diet. This is because they cannot be created by the body, but are only provided by food.

Absorbing amino acids in the right balance and sufficient quantity can be almost impossible to accomplish today.

Everyone is busy, and their schedules often force them to eat at work, on the road, or to have a hurried snack when they finally get home. This leads many to consume fast food and processed meals which often are lacking in the level of nutrients needed.

Many people try to “detox” or “diet”, without understanding that the first step is to “rest and rebuild”.

The proven solution to rest and rebuild brain and body is through YTE® supplements at clinical dose because:

  • cortisol levels (the “stress hormone”) are balanced and normalised, reducing chronic stress, relieving anxiety, replacing poor sleep patterns with deep restful sleep
  • stem cells are generated, literally rebuilding you from the inside out.

This essential rest and rebuild phase is crucial in our modern lives, especially for people enduring chronic stress (most people), trauma, injury, surgery, and/or medication.

Understanding Supplement Choices

By consuming supplements, people are able to have the levels of amino acids they need.

Unfortunately, not every supplement provides an adequately balanced formula. Some are not complete, lacking the most vital amino acids. Others use products that have proven successful in laboratory animals but are not studied enough to prove to be useful in humans. They may have been tested for safety, but not necessarily results.

How to Find Help

Health Evolution formulas contain only genuine ingredients at the recommended clinical dose, to encourage stem cells to repair damage faster and more efficiently in the system. 

The Norwegian-process YTE® amino acid complex in our formulas is made from fertilized, partially incubated eggs, harvested on the 9th day prior to any chick being present, to a patented process so the live active nutrients are retained. This live active nutrient has a profound effect on stress hormones, energy levels, and much more. It is considered a natural superfood.

Health Evolution formulas are effective, work fast, and are completely natural.

Proven for 90 years, first developed by legendary Canadian Doctor John Davidson, subsequently investigated and researched by government and medical specialists. Double blind placebo controlled trials prove the effectiveness of this rare and unique ingredient. (See Science Pages on this website for more information.) 

What To Expect

Amino Acid Supplements respond differently in every person. Results will depend on the health and diet of the individual when they begin taking the supplements. However, everyone will notice a change quickly if they take the product as described. The changes could include more energy, easier weight loss, and a better quality of sleep.

Sexual dysfunctions mood disorders and symptoms of menopause can be corrected.

Over time, the skin can often improve and begin looking younger and fresher, the rate of hair loss can decrease and hair can begin to thicken. The list can include better memory, a stronger immune system and much more.

Anyone who feels tired, anxious, and is constantly suffering from colds and infections may have a metabolic imbalance.

People who are overweight and cannot shed pounds, no matter how faithful they are to their diet, should also consider trying these supplements.

The results have been profound for many, even those who had given up hope for ever feeling good again.

Order your preferred formulas today.

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