Lifechanging verified Norwegian YTE®



Health Evolution supplies customers in South Korea

Our products are sold to customers internationally including in South Korea  


Affiliates receive full commissions for all sales internationally  


Our company is international with affiliates and customers in more than 40 countries including the US, UK, South Korea, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Scandinavia ... indeed, across the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, North and South America.

Affiliate payments for all orders in all countries are credited to the associated affiliates  


Health Evolution has been working with the KFDA (Korean FDA) to enable us to bulk import into South Korea.


Once this process is complete we will have a Korean Website which will link directly to the Korean Distribution centre. All current affiliates will also be carried over to this website for South Korean orders, which will then be supplied from within South Korea  


However, at this point in time, place your orders through as per normal and we will arrange delivery using our Korean-owned distribution company in the US directly to the customer in Korea.  




Health Evolution is the ONLY company in South Korea, and globally, with genuine YTE® even though there are other companies claiming to include YTE® or similar products. This is false because there is NO other product similar to YTE®.


YTE® is unique in being able to manage cortisol (the “stress hormone”). It is important to manage your cortisol levels because this impacts your immunity. 

It is vital to protect and augment the immune response. 

Having too much cortisol in your blood opens the door for more inflammation  

In addition, stress decreases the body’s lymphocytes — the white blood cells that help fight off infection. The lower your lymphocyte level, the more at risk you are for viruses, including the common cold, cold sores, flu, and coronavirus including COVID-19  

High stress levels can also cause mood disorders and anxiety, again leading to higher levels of inflammation.

Continuous high levels of inflammation point to an overworked, over-tired immune system that can’t properly protect you.

If you don’t control high stress levels, chronic inflammation can result and can contribute to the development and progression of many diseases of the immune system. 


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