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2020 sees incredible activity for our medical professionals, affiliates, customers, and company


- Podcast with Dr Johnny Delirious, Laboratory Naturopathic Doctor, Master Survivor ™
cell - 972 825 7912

The Master Survivor Show - Hour 1 - Master Survivor Program, Master Survivor University - February 2

The Master Survivor Show - Hour 2 - YTE, AminoBooters Master Survivor Program - February 2

- Our Health Evolution 6th Anniversary and YTE 90th Anniversary with a live event in California and online: recording here

- March 31st - we're live on Entrepreneurs On Fire, the 1M-listeners Podcast with John Lee Dumas!

Also this month ...

- focusing on education about
- how poor sleep isn't caused by what you think it is, and how our formulas have the answer
- how to increase immunity and decrease inflammation
- available for podcasts and articles

APRIL - filming in Florida for Laurence Fishburne's "Behind The Scenes" documentary on innovation in health and wellness, in the second half of April?

- The sequel to our book “The Truth Behind Supplements” which will be emailed to 1 MILLION targeted US households this year, including guest chapters by the Doctors and Health Professionals with whom we work (there are currently three chapter “spots” still available, for which there will be on charge)

- running an Online Health Summit, the "Virtual Health Summit: how to increase immunity and decrease inflammation to feel happier, younger, rested - your health transformation P.L.A.N."
- This will coincide with our online Live.Clinic platform which we will use to deliver targeted leads to you and our other doctors.

- release of documentary to 80M US households, and emailing out to 1M targeted database with the book as lead magnet