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The Easiest Way To Restart Your Natural High Energy Powerstore 


The Effective ALL NATURAL Healthy Mood Energy Booster With 10 Science-Backed Ingredients to Boost Energy, Control Cravings, and Promote Positive Mood 

Formulated Specifically with Sensitive People in Mind

Feel The Calm... This all-natural no-side-effects premium energy booster and cortisol reducer will give you the positive mood edge you need.



At Last: The Effective Natural Energy Boost Giving Calm, Focus And Serenity Without Side Effects Or Mood Swings! 

Enhance Natural Health & Accelerate Positive Mood Potential With This Powerful Proprietary Blend Containing 10 Of Nature’s Best Synergistic Ingredients.

Taking AminoSerene is like switching on the happiness button and fully charging the body’s Natural Metabolism Battery every morning.

See how it feels, running on full power while calm, focused, serene. 

People ask you what you’re taking and nothing will faze you!

The evidence of the many benefits proven in numerous scientific studies and clinical trials include:


 Get Back in Control Instead of Overwhelmed*

Perfect if you're a highly sensitive person, affected by influences at home, at work, in the news. No-one likes feeling overwhelmed and out of control! 

AminoSerene includes a healthy dose of all natural complete amino acid compound YTE®, which elevates 17-ketosteroid levels in the adrenal glands, decreasing stress related hormones such as cortisol. This positively affects the "happy chemical" called serotonin. 

Multiple studies show increased “happiness” ratings, with up to a 51.7% change. This also aids in feeling calm, focused, serene.


Increase Energy Levels*

Feeling full of “brain fog” in the morning and running out of energy too quickly in the afternoon? You need calm, focus, and serenity, with enough energy all day. Every ingredient works together so you’re full of energy by day and find it easy to sleep at night with no more insomnia and fatigue.  


Brain Boost*

Multiple clinical trials and published peer-reviewed scientific studies prove these ingredients slow brain shrinkage, help depression, confusion, irritability, anxiety, dementia, nervous tingling, and sensitivity. We’ve done all the hard work of double-checking the research, so you don’t have to.


Look A Million Dollars*

For healthy hair, skin, and nerves, even in times of crises and stress when you’re feeling fear, anxiety, sadness, heartache, an overworked immune system, toxic stress from too much coffee or wine, drugs like contraceptive pills, diabetic, heartburn and anti-rheumatism medication, free radicals … your brain, body and spirit need help to be serene, calm, focused.


Increased Nutrition From Your Food & Craving Control*

Reduced cortisol (the stress hormone) and increased nutritional availability from your food, coupled with balanced blood sugar and thyroid, all work together. Add in the exact B vitamin complex which helps your body turn food into fuel and actually create new DNA: Your brain, body and spirit are more satisfied, and you eat less.


Safe & No Nasty Side Effects*

Genuine all-natural researched ingredients with the only naturally occurring balanced blend of amino acids plus botanical extracts from plants, so you don't have to worry. You can feel the calm, clear-headed sensation of AminoSerene working with you and no unwanted side effects. Top health professionals REALLY like it.


Synergistic Proprietary Formula*

The secret to the best healthy mood support supplement for sensitive people is all about the ingredients. The AminoSerene proprietary formula was custom developed for sensitive people, even those who had given up hope for ever feeling good again. The secret is in how these unique premium ingredients work together synergistically to help you.

This is the specific formula for Highly Sensitive People. "HSPs" are said to account for up to one quarter of the population now ... which is why, if you're HSP, you may feel so different to the 75-85% majority of people ...  氨基硒 is good for other people too of course but is specifically for individuals who identify as sensitive, intuitive, empathic, conscious, aware, “woke” ... people who think and feel more deeply.

Discover the world-famous, genuine, pure YTE® amino acid complex carefully blended with top quality botanicals for a healthy response to cortisol, inflammation, anxiety, and the ongoing toxin-attacks faced by your brain, body, and soul every day.

AminoSerene can be taken in addition to AminoBoosters.

Copy for AminoSerene:

The One Simple Choice Highly Sensitive People Are Using To Feel 

Great Every Day

Maybe you've tried pills, stretches, diet, even injections and therapy ...


It's time to give something else a try which 1000s are using to feel great again.


Highly Sensitive People can experience anxiety, stress, pain, fatigue, and feeling less than great 

more often than most.


With so much bombarding our brains and bodies on a daily basis, the more sensitive we are,

 the more likely we are to experience issues we can do without...

Anxiety, fatigue, insomnia


Loss of focus and forgetfulnes


Arthritis and joint pain


Overwhelm, feeling blue, unable to concentrate


Back pain and headaches


Muscle aches and loss of tone


The list goes on and on ...

We've created the world's most powerful regeneration formulas by combining clinical levels of  the world's only all natural complete amino acid complex with rare adaptogen botanicals 

into three powerfully gentle formulas, for daily 24/7 results. 

Your needs, your choice, your regeneration.

So you feel great again.


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