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Discover the only all-natural effective cortisol manager supplement for chronic stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and stubborn weight gain. Find out how to lower cortisol with the supplements better than weight loss shakes and weight loss tea. More effective than the best multivitamin.


What is YTE Young Tissue Extract and why is this Dynamic Protein life-changing?


This rare ingredient is made from specially produced eggs, from snowy-white chickens, who free-range in the forests of pristine Norway, eating a natural diet of herbs and botanicals


These eggs become YTE®, which is blended with Ashwagandha, herbs, vitamins and minerals to create AminoSerene, the unique dietary supplement dealing with today’s biggest problem:


Chronic stress causing elevated cortisol


Elevated cortisol levels make the brain oversensitive to pain


Depleting adrenal glands, disrupting hormones


Causing weight gain and obesity, chronic fatigue, insomnia, low metabolism, poor heart function, and a compromised immune system more vulnerable to viruses.


Since 2014, Health Evolution has been providing unique supplements with rare natural ingredients


The result: the only solution to stress and the health issues of premature ageing


Backed by the 60 DAY BEST EVER SUPPLEMENTS money back Guarantee, if these aren’t the best supplements you’ve even taken


With itemised ingredients and Real Items blockchain verification

so you rest easy knowing you’re getting exactly what you need


Experience the all-natural science behind balanced stress levels


Rediscover the real you: younger, happier, rested


Find the real you: 

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