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At Home Telomere Test For USA and Canadian Customers

At Home Telomere Test For USA and Canadian Customers

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Right now, it's crucial the entire population increases immunity.

The trouble is, the W.H.O. - the World Health Organisation - identified chronic stress as "the health epidemic of our time". Coupled with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, chronic stress kills by dramatically decreasing immunity.

Now, you can not only feel the difference when stress is gone, you can prove it.

The unique DNA-test lets you measure your success, by measuring the length of your telomeres to determine your biological age versus your chronological age.

The good news is you can change the length of your telomeres. The fastest way to do so is to move from a chronically stressed state of excess cortisol.

Health Evolution clinical dose P.L.A.N. - Pure Live Active Nutrition - formulas are the only 60-second-a-day way to modulate cortisol, the stress hormone, while at the same time regenerating stem cells.

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