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AminoBoosters - 24 Bottles - Small Wholesale Case

AminoBoosters - 24 Bottles - Small Wholesale Case

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24 Bottle Small Wholesale Pack for Medical Professionals & Health Retailers

Order your Wholesale Case of AminoBoosters. 24 Bottles Full of 120 Capsules each - and you SAVE because we give you wholesale prices.

Buy 24 bottles at a time and save on shipping costs AND we reduce the price you pay with Wholesale prices. 

(Please note, we cannot supply Wholesale quantities to Australia or New Zealand due to customs restrictions.

How can we do these reduced prices? Because it costs us less in handling and administration, so we pass those savings on to you.

Each bottle lasts for a complete month at the full dose of 4 capsules/day.

Only Health Evolution Amino Formulas have genuine YTE® at the right dose, in our proprietary, powerful, natural supporting formulas - and always good value pricing.

Remember, the Ginkgo Biloba in AminoBoosters and TeloMind is not suitable for people using blood thinning (anticoagulant) or epilepsy medication, when pregnant, breastfeeding or for children. If that's you, look at AminoB12 instead.

The reason why most companies don't include YTE® is because it's a very expensive, high-quality natural ingredient. We're a small family business happy to make less margin and provide the top quality amino acid supplement with genuine ingredients at the right dose. 

AminoBoosters, AminoB12 and TeloMind  are the ONLY products which use genuine, Pure Nutrition YTE® at the right clinical dose and within our proprietary supporting formulas. We are talking about highly absorbable bioavailable sources of the 23 most required amino acids by the human body.

The human body is made up of around 20% protein and Amino Acids are the basic building blocks of all proteins in the body.

What is YTE®?
YTE® is a patented food supplement developed and patented by the Norwegian government and made exclusively in Norway and recently, in the USA.

What does YTE® mean?
YTE® stands for young tissue extract, This is because it is a nutrient that is extracted from fertilised hen eggs that have been incubated for 9 days. Using a patented process that extracts all of the core nutrients from the egg white called PreEmbryonic Stage Extract (PESE).

The Story of YTE®?
YTE® was first discovered back in 1929 by a Canadian Doctor called John R. Davidson. He was observing fertilised hen eggs and realised that on day 9 of incubation the egg went through an incredible growth spurt that caused a tripling of the embryo inside the egg. He hypothesised that the nutrients inside the egg on this ninth day must be very powerful if they could cause a tripling in the growth cycle that was enough for a fluffy chick to hatch just 12 days later.

Dr. Davidson then began successfully treating his patients with YTE® nutrients. After presenting at the third ever World Cancer Symposium, Dr Davidson died and his research was lost for almost 50 years.

That was until 50 years later when a Norwegian scientist working with the Norwegian government made the same discovery as Dr. Davidson that the fertilised hen egg contained very potent nutrients on the 9th day of incubation. As nutritional and scientific understanding had advanced a lot since 1929 the Norwegian scientist understood immediately that the nutrients extracted contained a special combination of amino acids, peptides and protein fractions including a complete array of 23 Amino Acids, vitamins, minerals, proteins as well as some very important growth factors.

The Only Source of Genuine Norwegian YTE® 

YTE® is a very well documented and studied live active nutrition ingredient appearing in published and peer-reviewed studies. Check out the scientific evidence on this website.

All the studies conducted used a daily dosage of 1600 mg which is 4 tablets a day of 400mg pure YTE® powder.

Only AminoBoosters, AminoB12, and TeloMind contain this recommended clinical dose of 400mg dose of YTE® in every capsule, which is 1600 mg in a daily serving of 4 capsules.

YTE® is a VERY expensive ingredient.

We are a family business and we're prepared to make less profit than the huge pharma, MLM and multinational companies.

We are committed to supplying genuine YTE® supplements for good value prices so the maximum number of people can be helped.

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Ingredients of Amino Boosters Proprietary Blend 3.048g (Serving Size 4 Capsules, Servings per Container 30)
Egg albumen amino acids (YTE 1.6g)
L-arginine hydrochloride
Gingko Leaf extract  and Inulin

Best Before: 01/2021


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