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The unique Health Evolution Affiliate Program provides medical specialists, healthcare and fitness professionals, life coaches, nutritionists, nutrition/health/food bloggers and influencers the ability to earn a commission on the sale of Health Evolution formulas.

Are you a medical specialist, health professional, fitness enthusiast, biohacker, or pro marketer in health, wellness, fitness? Are your followers striving for peak wellness and health? If you answer yes to either question, Health Evolution is a great affiliate program for you.

This quarter, we are proving our product line!

With every wholesale purchase of TeloMind, AminoBoosters, and/or AminoB12, we are giving you a FREE telomeres test, and publishing the results.

Take the test for yourself or provide as an incentive to a valued customer.


Currently, we strongly recommend your customers buy 6 months' supply at a time of full clinical dose Systems within the Ultimate Health & Immunity System, Energy & Immunity System, or Vitality & Immunity System - which include TeloMind & AminoSerene, AminoBoosters & AminoSerene, or AminoB12 & AminoSerene, respectively.

Your customers can also buy a telomere test:

At-Home Telomere Test for US & Canadian Customers

At-Home Telomere Test for International Customers


What does the telomere test measure?

Tracks your cellular age based on your telomere length

The test is based on a simple at-home blood test

Why measure?

Yes, people can change their telomeres with a healthier lifestyle.

Our customers are already doing exactly that.

Check out Michelle, who went from biological age 82 to 53 - and the ONLY thing Michelle did differently was taking our formula.

At the time of her test, Michelle was actually aged 49 chronological years but suffers a chronic incurable disease: with our supplements, she's able to keep her job, reduce how old she felt - and how old her body said she was - by a staggering nearly 30 years!

In Michelle's own words: 

     "I did notice a huge change. The telomere growth is definitely verifiable. .78-.97 is a huge growth! AminoBoosters did that for me as I stopped all other supplements."


*Note: the TeloMind formula contains the same ingredients as the AminoBoosters formula, with the addition of the herb Rhodiola rosea.


You can see Michelle's video here:

We are so confident in the results of our products, we'll prove it to you.

You take one test at the beginning and another test after 6 months of positive changes, which motivates continued change.

Program Details

Simply place a wholesale order for TeloMind, AminoBoosters, AminoB12, or any of the Health Systems: Ultimate Health & Immunity System, Energy & Immunity System, or Vitality & Immunity System.

Have the support of our dedicated management team from Health Evolution - Theresa, Mark, and Jae (speaking English, German, and Korean)

These exclusive P.L.A.N. Pure Live Active Nutrition YTE® formulas are brought to you by Health Evolution, a privately held science-based dietary supplements company founded by health and research advocates, with a team of world-famous medical specialists.

To prove the effectiveness of our supplements, we provide telomeres genetic tests brought to you by Telomere Diagnostics Inc., a privately held molecular testing company founded by a group of scientists including the winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine for her work in telomere biology.

Ready to get started?

Combining the only source of P.L.A.N. Formulas: Pure Live Active Nutrition with Young Tissue Extract Dynamic Protein YTE®. Health Evolution provides four supplements of personalised life-changing nutrition, for professionals who expect more.

The only 60-second-a-day way to modulate cortisol, the stress hormone, while at the same time regenerating stem cells.



The #1 way to protect immunity is to balance cortisol

Affiliate Program Details


  • 12%-40% commission paid - typically $96 per Ultimate Health 6 bottle order (currently with free affiliate signup)
  • Lifetime Cookie
  • Exclusivity of formula ingredients
  • Wholesale orders available to Super Affiliates: $1,000 average profit per wholesale package
  • Reputable influencer and content affiliates only program
  • Affiliate resource center with images in multiple languages: English, Korean, Mandarin, German, Danish, French
  • Website in English, Korean, Mandarin (other languages on request)
  • Landing pages on request

Four Ways To Get Paid

i. 12% - 20% Monthly Personal Sales Commission on purchases, sales, referrals, and reorder commissions

ii. Super Start Affiliate Rewards – earn up to $100 when a new affiliate gets going in the first 30-60 days - and the new affiliate earns free product

iii. Super Affiliates & Health Professionals Bulk Purchase Commission

iv. Super Affiliate Global Company Share Bonus 

PLUS we Give Back with our Pay What You Can Program for people in need

All commissions are paid for a lifetime, regardless of personal volume

Up to 40% allocated for affiliate commissions


Let's look at each of these payment methods in more detail:

#1 Way To Get Paid: Straightforward percentage payments based on sales.

Just like the top blue-chip companies who use affiliate and super affiliate programs, including Amazon, eBay, LegalZoom, Target, Walmart, so Health Evolution generously rewards affiliates.

Health Evolution is at the cutting edge of affiliate earnings.

Qualifying Super Affiliates have access to VIP commission structures for even more earning potential.

#2 Way To Get Paid: Super Start Affiliate Rewards Program

Super Start Rewards: when someone joins as an Affiliate for the first time, they become an Influencer Affiliate – an “Influencer”.

All Affiliates including Influencers get a unique Affiliate Link and a unique Coupon Code and can earn commission on every sale they generate and every purchase they make

We reward the introducing Affiliate: when new Affiliates sell $500 in the first 30 or 60 days, the Super Affiliate who introduced them earns up to $100 in Super Start Rewards Commissions - and the new Affiliate earns free product

Yes, we have multiple levels of affiliate commission, so you earn up to ten levels deep, with your commissions locked in for life and paid every two weeks.


#3 Way To Get Paid: Super Affiliates Bulk Purchase Commission

Bulk Purchase Commission for Super Affiliates including Health Professionals:

  • Super Affiliates can purchase Wholesale orders of 24x and 50x product.
  • In addition to deep discounts of up to 32% on Wholesale Orders, a 5% Bulk Purchase Commission is also paid to the Super Affiliate on personal Wholesale Orders AND a 5% commission is paid to the introducing Super Affiliate

#4 Way To Get Paid: Super Affiliate Global Company Share Bonus 

Share in the company revenue, distributed between Founding and Top Super Affiliates

Commission is paid to Affiliates from EVERY sale, even when there’s no affiliate link with our Super Smart Software.

Health Evolution Gives Back To The Affiliate Community


In Summary:

Affiliates, independent business owners, leaders and builders who join from other organisations can have their downline honoured as existing.

With our personalised compensation packages, affiliates who join now may be eligible to have current commission structures honoured.

Commissions are paid on 100% of total sales, including own purchases, paid twice monthly. This makes your earnings typically double what you might earn with any other company.

Joining is easy! Click here to apply to be an Affiliate. 

Health Evolution operates a well-funded, visionary, established, growing company with an unwavering commitment to affiliates.

We honor all existing affiliate structures and downlines.

Both the pricing and the compensation commission are much improved for you.

We provide affiliates with better support, bigger compensation, easier software, faster payouts, improved marketing, and the real YTE® formulas. 

Here's an explanation:

If you have questions, you can contact Co-founder Angela Wright MBE personally by calling  (225) 442-9766 or emailing, or scheduling a call at

Or just click here to apply to be an Affiliate. 

You can buy your TeloMind™ and other YTE® formulas here at the official website or by phoning: (225) 442-9766.

Remember, all purchases from your customers and contacts are tracked to you through our sophisticated tracking system, even if they don't buy through your link. Affiliate commissions are paid every two weeks.


Join the Health Evolution Affiliate Program


See you on the inside!


Health Evolution and/or Telomere Diagnostics are not intended for screening, diagnosing, treating or preventing diseases or medical conditions. The sites do not offer medical advice and nothing contained in the content is intended to constitute professional advice for medical diagnosis. Results may indicate the possibility of identifying a rare telomere syndrome associated with extremely shorter or longer average telomere length (ATL). In these rare cases, further testing and consultation with a doctor to rule in or rule out a telomere syndrome is recommended. Telomeres testing is available for individuals between the ages of 20 to 80 within the United States, except for the state of New York, and elsewhere by arrangement. The information provided should not be used to replace medically appropriate screening tests recommended based upon actual age or other risk factors, nor should the information be used to make decisions about diagnosis or treatment of diseases or medical conditions. The Diagnostics lab is regulated under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA) as qualified to perform high complexity clinical testing with performance characteristics determined by Telomere Diagnostics. It has not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.