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Young People and YTE®

We are not designed to live like this

Many children and teens currently are anxious, worried, stressed.


Sometimes this is termed as "acting up", inability to pay attention, failure to thrive, "being difficult" ... but no young person chooses to feel down, sad, without energy, frightened or angry all the time.


Our health supplements company uses a rare all-natural ingredient from Norway which is life-changing for children and teenagers.


At last you can have a proven, all-natural way protect your child's mental wellbeing with no negative side-effects.


Often, the old-school recommendations for how a child or teenager can deal with stress seem impossible:

Just relax ...

Go out and play …

Stop worrying …

Do some exercise ...

Eat healthier … or cut sugar … or animal products ...

Drink more water … 

Go to bed earlier ...


What if the reasons for stress - are not what you you think?

What if the reasons are something completely different?


With all the demands on young people today - our always-on social media, unrealistic "reality TV", being reachable at all hours of the day and night, artificial chemicals in our food, water, and environment - even the air we breathe ...


All these "stressors" negatively impact health - especially for a young person.


What if it's a nutrient deficit syndrome, or out-of-balance hormones, causing your child or teenager to be unable to enjoy life.


See what Maddy and her Father, Bryce, have to say about one of our formulas, AminoB12: 

It is important to know that both AminoB12 and AminoSerene contain MecobalActive® B12, the most bioavailable, effective form of vitamin B12.


AminoSerene also contains all the B vitamins, along with the Ayurvedic adaptogen herb Ashwagandha. 


All of our ingredients are at therapeutic clinical dose.


How stress affects our health 

When we’re stressed, the hormone cortisol is released, triggering a cascade of changes in the nervous, cardiovascular, and immune systems. This triggers the body to divert energy to where it’s needed most, the ‘battle stations’, while it down-regulates less critical activities such as digestion. It’s a good short-term strategy, but problems occur when stress becomes long-term. 


Chronic stress can encourage unhealthy behaviour such as addictions to video games, TV, social media, unhealthy food and poor diet ... and even lead to smoking, drinking, and drugs, compounding the risk of serious conditions.


Growing evidence shows that long-term stress also makes people prone to weight gain. Researchers from UCL published a study where they took a lock of hair, representing approximately two months’ worth of growth, from participants. Those with higher levels of cortisol in their hair tended to have a higher weight in relation to height and a larger waist circumference. 


Stress leads to minor ills, too: researchers administered nasal drops containing the common cold virus to 276 volunteers to see if stress made people more susceptible to illness. The results, published in the Journal of Health Psychology, showed that work-related stress, lasting longer than one month, tripled the risk of catching a cold, and increased it five-fold after three months


Chronic stress triggers gut problems, asthma symptoms, and headaches, and causes problem emotionally too.


In 2011, the American Psychological Association released results from its stress survey. When asked what symptoms the 1,200 participants had experienced in the past month as a result of stress, 42% reported feeling irritable or angry, 39% anxious or nervous, 37% depressed or sad, while 35% lacked motivation.  


Imagine you’re in a boat surrounded by water. It’s not going to sink you - unless the water gets in the boat.


It’s a bit like that with external stressors … they can’t “sink” you unless you let them inside.


But that’s easier said than done.

The Toxicity of Chronic Stress


Temporary stress is normal and can be healthy.


Chronic stress, on the other hand, is where the physiological effects become more dangerous: headaches, heart problems, high blood pressure, suppressed immune response, and more.


Prolonged exposure to chronic stress can lead to memory loss, anxiety, irritability, depression, substance abuse, social withdrawal, weight gain, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, or worse.


This can take a devastating toll on relationships with parents, siblings, friends and family.



So what’s really going on inside the body?

When chronically stressed, your endocrine system, responsible for regulating your “fight or flight” response, isn’t returning to a healthy state. Instead, it overrides everything the brain believes is non-critical, like sleep, digestion, and the reproductive system, while enhancing the systems useful during times of high alert — so your muscular and cardiovascular systems all work far harder than they should.


For most young people, 8-10 hours sleep per night is the recommended amount, although each person’s needs could be a little more or a little less.



Sleep is often one of the first things to be sacrificed, but reducing sleep to 4-6 hours a night is shown to have a significant impact on cognitive functioning.

Sleeping for only 6 hours or less per night produces cognitive performance deficits equivalent to up to 2 nights of total sleep deprivation!

Even slight sleep restriction can seriously impair your neurobehavioral functions when you’re awake.


But it can feel like a vicious circle … you can’t sleep because you’re stressed … and you’re stressed because you can’t sleep.


Or, you can’t sleep because you have too much on your mind … and you have too much on your mind because you can't "switch off".


Maybe it’s not your child's fault?


After all, we’re not biologically or physiologically designed to cope with the 5000+ stress triggers which bombard the typical person - including young people - each and every day.


What if there was a way to stay calm and recapture the fun of childhood, the thrill of teenage years without the angst?


What if you could modulate your own stress hormones naturally, making you impervious to those external stressors?

There is a way to do just that, as increasing numbers of parents, carers, health professionals and HSPs are discovering.


The answer has been known for 90 years - with no negative side effects reported in all that time - but only to a select group of health professionals and individuals.


The rare natural ingredient YTE® enables self-modulation of the stress hormone cortisol.


Young Tissue Extract Dynamic Protein - "YTE®" - is a rare, all-natural ingredient unlike anything else.


YTE® is the only complete single source of all 23 amino acids in perfect natural balance along with Fibroblast Growth Factor, vitamins and minerals.



It takes 9 days to produce, and is harvested at exactly the right stage of molecular and cellular dynamism. The proprietary method of harvesting this ingredient preserves the actual life force present, and that's what makes the difference.


Made from free-range Norwegian hens' eggs, produced in such a way to uniquely contain the active ingredient which has twin mechanisms of enabling your brain and body to rebalance cortisol and rebuild stem cells.


First developed by legendary Canadian Dr John Ralston Davidson, backed by double-blind, peer-reviewed clinical trials and research papers, Government bodies, and University studies, now represented by world-famous Doctors including Dr Veerle Van Tricht, Dr Christopher Hertzog, Dr John DeWitt, and many others.


The YTE® ingredient is combined within four proprietary P.L.A.N. formulas: Pure Live Active Nutrition, each designed for different needs and purposes.


What that means is that taking the recommended clinical dose of a YTE® formula each day results in dramatic differences in cortisol; so much so, that productivity is improved, due to increased focus, concentration, memory, and, yes, including better quality and quantity of sleep.


It’s all about living a "life less complicated”.


Why do we say this?


The unique rare natural ingredient we use is the only single complete source to both rebalance and rebuild the brain and body


Life Less Complicated means  "your life" which also means "how you are living now" … and it’s about making life easier so everything flows more naturally with grace and joy


As a company, we have a very simple philosophy: we are the sole source of the transformative YTE® ingredient and we only use this and other genuine ingredients at recommended clinical dose - and always at good value pricing.


Life Less Complicated explains the beauty of our ingredient because it is one single ingredient - even though it has all the complexities of life.


Life Less Complicated explains our company because we provide genuine pure natural ingredients at the correct clinical dose - obviously what is needed, with no unnatural complications or artificial chemicals.


Life Less Complicated describes how our formulas work, because by enabling you to manage and balance your cortisol, and at the same time rebuild and regenerate your stem cells, you experience the transformation of simply good health.


So more of the "real you" - or your children - can shine through, without the complications of illness, stress, or overwhelming worries.


There is no other ingredient in the world similar to Young Tissue Extract Dynamic Protein YTE®.


Our P.L.A.N. formulas are unlike anything else.


P.L.A.N. stands for the Pure Live Active Nutrition within YTE® - where the “essence of life” is captured and preserved during a proprietary process, including Fibroblast Growth Factor which regenerates stem cells and contributes to being Happier, Younger, Rested.


Nowadays, most of us who are informed tend to look for evidence-based justifications, such as world-class Doctors, Surgeons, Researchers, and other Health Professionals using the same products and recommending to their patients and clients.


Of the four formulas, children and teenagers are best served by the AminoSerene and AminoB12 formulas.


HSPs (Highly Sensitive People), who are 20-25% of total population, and a very significant percentage of young people today, also particularly benefit from taking the supporting formula AminoSerene.


Health Evolution formulas include a one-month supply per bottle, for adults.


For children, you can typically give one-quarter of a dose of AminoB12, which would be one capsule per day, meaning one bottle could last for four months.

Children can do very well on one capsule of AminoSerene, which is half an adult-dose, meaning one bottle could last two months.


For teenagers, depending on weight and conditions being addressed, anywhere between one half to a full dose can be suitable.


To choose your formula and experience the life-changing affect of these formulas, order here: 




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