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The Health Evolution company and products have been selected for inclusion in the forthcoming documentary series about innovation in health and wellness. The "Behind The Scenes" documentaries with actor and documentary-maker Laurence Fishburne (Matrix etc, now a renowned documentary-maker) air on primetime in front of 80M US households.

Information will also be emailed to 1M of their targeted database.   

The landing page we are planning on using will be for free digital copies of our new book, plus upsells for a printed version free with just shipping to pay for, and also upsells for our formulas.

Previously Angela Wright MBE wrote “The Truth Behind Supplements” and this sequel expands upon that, exposing life-changing information about health and wellness, supplements and nutrition. 


If you are reading this, you are invited to contribute to this book, along with other prestigious internationally-renowned Doctors and health professionals.


In short, I’m inviting health professionals with whom we work (doctors and practitioners who use our products for their patients/themselves, and people in the health space whom I admire) to contribute a guest chapter so it’s not just written by me.


Chapters are being contributed by:


Mr Cai Berg, President, Berg Nutrition


Dr John DeWitt, Brain & Concussion Specialist • Chiropractor • Author “Head Games: Concussions & CTE” • Retired Pro Athlete


Mr David Saloff • President, Institute of Arteriology • Executive Vice President, Transparent Health Marketplace


Dr Veerle Van Tricht MD, FC (SA) Opht • Eye Surgeon • Reiki Master • Burnout Recovery Expert


… and other medical professionals.


I would love for you to be included.  We are currently finalising these contributions and I have space to include you.


All participants are included in the following activity for the finished book:

  • Complimentary bottle of one of our formulas (https://healthevolutionproject.com/collections) immediately on receipt of your chapter
  • Email campaign to 1M US targeted health consumers
  • Publicity campaign launching on Amazon and book stores
  • PR campaign
  • Guest Interview on US Public TV Documentary (limited availability): we have been chosen for inclusion within Laurence Fishburne’s new Behind The Scenes Documentary Series on “Innovation In Health And Wellness”, which will air on US Public TV to 80M households
  • Guest blog spot in Health News articles
  • Guest Podcast invitations
  • Potential inclusion in Live Clinic online consulting platform from Q2 2020
  • Potential recommendation to the industry’s new and unique health marketplace platform connecting providers directly with payors for more insurance-paid clients (currently California, planned rollout to US in 2020)
  • Super Affiliate Status with access to wholesale pricing
  • Personalised discount coupon for our formulas for patients/clients/customers/contacts, paying generous lifetime affiliate commissions to you (https://healthevolutionproject.com/pages/partners)
  • Complimentary copy of the book


It’s going to be free for co-authors to participate and we’ll all also mail out to our lists.    


This is all after the last six years of our providing unique health supplements with one rare natural ingredient for which we have now been awarded exclusivity https://healthevolutionproject.com/pages/about-us


This ingredient in our formulas enables rebalancing and rebuilding by managing cortisol (the “stress hormone”) together with regenerating stem cells https://healthevolutionproject.com/pages/about-yte.


All with no adverse side effects reported in its 90 year history.


All supported by double blind peer reviewed clinical trials. https://healthevolutionproject.com/pages/yte-clinical-and-medical-studies


Completely life-changing, with results including transformed sleep, lessened anxiety, positive mood, enhanced focus, dramatically more energy, along with increased muscle strength, metabolism, recovery, telomere protection, and inflammation reduction.


If you’d like to contribute a chapter, it can be about whatever you want in the field of health and wellness. Here are guidelines:


  • 2,500-10,000 words
  • can be previously published if you own the rights
  • can include quotes if attribution given
  • ideal format is
    • chapter heading
    • story
    • tips to overcome/enhance (your area of expertise)
    • your/your patients’ or clients’ experience/s with our products and/or what’s mosts important about our products to you
    • how to work with you/contact you/find out more about you/your organisation

 The theme for each chapter heading is "Small Decisions, Massive Change"

Your chapter heading can be whatever you choose. For example, current chapter headings include:

“Why Inflammation Underpins All Disease”

“Burnt Out? How Recapturing Life’s Joy and Intention Changed My Life”

“Nutrient Deprivation Of Cells Key To Development Of Cancer, According To Recent Study”

“The Poisoning of Nations: From Ancient Rome To Today”


You may like to choose one of these suggested chapter headings for your contribution:

Nutrition and health

Nutrition and diet

Diet and supplements

Supplements and health

Nutrition guide

Supplements guide

Nutrition medicine

Nutrition for healthy living

Nutrition for beginners

Nutrition therapy

… or whatever you wish, about your preferred topic.


Click here for how to submit your chapter: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17TsqXMWp9WnJBc2iIGkn3ahgdZMCxuGXDYxG3Xbp-GY/edit?usp=sharing 


Please message us with your confirmation or queries, at support@healthevolutionproject.com, or schedule a quick call with Angela at www.meetme.so/health.