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We know you’ll need your extra AminoB12 because this is the supplement that has your immune system in mind first.
Unlike other B12 supplements in the market, AminoB12 contains MecobalActive® B12 which is the purest, most stable form and most bioavailable form of B12.
Its purity means you’ll get the only B12 vitamin with the much higher absorption rate than any other B12 supplements on the market.
MecobalActive® B12 supports the health of your cognitive and nervous systems. It gives you long-term health benefits for your mind and body.Are you getting enough B12? Did you know …Vitamin B12 is essential to make red blood cells, nerves, DNA and carry out other important functions.According to Harvard Health, the average adult should get 2.4 micrograms a dayDeficiency symptoms can develop slowly and intensify over time and are often confused with other health problems – symptoms may include: anemia, weakness, fatigue, numbness, swollen or inflamed tongue, difficulty walking, tingling in hands, legs or feet.If left unchecked or untreated, vitamin B12 deficiency can cause severe neurological problems and blood diseases.Not all B12s are equal – which is why we use the patented MecobalActive in our AminoB12 and AminoSerene.

The other “hero ingredient” in AminoB12 is DynamEP™ YTE®
YTE, which stands for Young Tissue Extract Dynamic Egg Protein, is the rare natural ingredient which has two main purposes:
✔ Keeping your stress hormone in check. Resulting in stronger immunity, rejuvenation, mental health and vitality.
✔ Regenerating your stem cells that repair body tissues and organs including blood cells, muscle cells, and nerve cells. So you rebalance and rebuild.
Last but not least, we’ve built-in high bioavailability, so you actually get to absorb all that Pure Live Active Nutrition.
Which is why our supplement contains BioPerine®. Which is a unique bioavailability enhancer that gives you up to 2000% extra absorption of the nutrition you’re putting into your body!
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