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What Health Evolution is doing in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic (please read)

What Health Evolution is doing in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic (please read)

Urgent: be prepared for national lockdown 


Government lockdowns are already in place in many major cities, and a nationwide lockdown is all but imminent in the US, Australia, and other countries around the world. 37 US states and many other countries have closed public schools. Grocery store shelves are emptying, 

Most importantly, the health and well-being of millions are at risk. Here at Health Evolution, we are doing everything we can to support our medical professionals, our customers, and our team, in the US and around the world. That's why I am sending you this email. 

There are 3 things you can do right now to avoid the chaos and danger:

 #1 keep your distance and stay home (unless you’re carrying out essential work in which case we thank you sincerely)

#2 practice good hygiene - yes, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, clean surfaces especially door knobs, car handles, keep everything surfaces tidy and neat to reduce surface area for germs to settle 

#3 support and maintain your immune system

Simply put, the most important thing you can do right now to strengthen your immune system as much as possible is to balance your cortisol levels. 

Cortisol is your stress hormone. 

Many people’s cortisol levels are sky high right now. 

Even before this novel coronavirus, more than 50 per cent of Americans reported feeling highly stressed.

That means at least 50% have low immunity. 


Because when your body is under stress, all available energy is automatically diverted to prepare for the perceived danger. 

That means your immunity is effectively “shut down”. 

Along with all other “discretionary” activity in your body, including: 

  • higher cognition (so you “can’t think straight”)
  • fine-tuning digestion (so you may experience IBS, poor bowel control. anxiety knots in your stomach, cramping, or cravings)
  • memory and focus problems (because your cortisol levels tell you to obsess over the perceived threats)
  • exhaustion, fatigue, and poor sleep ( excuse your body tells you to “sleep with one eye open)

The older you are, or the more sensitive you are, the more likely you are to have high cortisol levels.

Effectively reducing your immunity.

But there is action you can take.

To help, here at Health Evolution we have more than $1M of our formulas ready in warehouses in the US, from California to Alaska, in the UK, and Singapore, and currently shipping all around the world.

Our entire product line includes sales tax and is exceptional value for money. 

Most of our formulas have a shelf life into 2021 at least, and are the ONLY cortisol-managing formulas in the world with 48,000mg of immune-supporting cortisol-balancing pure Norwegian Young Tissue Extract DynamEP YTE® per serving -- just take every day with a glass of water. 

It's what we ourselves and our families take every day, and we make sure never to run out. 

Our most powerful immunity-support formulas are in the Ultimate Health & Immunity System, containing both TeloMind and AminoSerene. With 35 powerful ingredients including more-than-clinical dose YTE®. 

What’s YTE®?

The only Pure Live Active Nutrition dynamic protein which actually balances cortisol levels and regenerates stem cells

Completely natural, certified GRAS, clinically proven, reported completely safe for 90 years with no reported side effects.

This 100% natural, pure, golden powder takes more than nine days to produce, and then there’s an even longer processing period to capture the live active nutrients

First discovered by legendary Canadian Dr John Davidson 90 years ago. Clinically proven in multiple trials and tests. Verified by esteemed doctors and researchers. 

Health Evolution is a privately held science-based dietary supplements company founded by health and research advocates, with a team of world-famous medical specialists. 

Senior Scientific Adviser is Dr Leonard Makowka, MD, PhD, who performed the world's first pig-to-human liver transplant, has published more than 400 research works, served as Chairman of the Department of Surgery and Director of Transplantation Services at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Professor of Surgery at the UCLA School of Medicine, Executive Director of the Comprehensive Liver Disease Center at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA, Chairman of the Corporate Advisory Board of the UCLA School of Nursing, was founding consultant for Ivivi Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: IVVI), founded Trillenium Medical Imaging Inc., and oversees clinical research activities, serving as a liaison to the medical community. 

YTE® may be the most expensive raw ingredient in the world - which is why other companies in the past didn’t include the full therapeutic clinical dose. 

Because we have ALWAYS used the genuine ingredient at the correct clinical therapeutic dose, our company has been awarded exclusivity on this product. 

Regardless of what anyone else claims, you can’t get this anywhere else. 

We are doing everything we can to make sure people know about this solution to lowering stress levels, and managing cortisol levels: the most important first step to supporting and maintaining your immunity

Yes, it’s that important. 

Our single most powerful formula is TeloMind. With full clinical dose YTE®. Outstanding for rejuvenation. 

Our original formula is AminoBoosters. With full clinical therapeutic dose YTE®. Similar ingredients to TeloMind, minus the Rhodiola rosea, so a little easier on the purse or pocket-book. 

AminoB12 is the formula without Ginkgo biloba, which is in both TeloMind and AminoBoosters, for enhanced brain health. So if you are on blood thinners, epilepsy medication, are pregnant or breastfeeding, choose 


All three formulas contain full clinical therapeutic dose YTE®.

Our fourth formula, AminoSerene, contains 600mg YTE® per dose, instead of the 1600mg per dose in each of the other formulas. This is ideal as a supportive formula alongside TeloMind, AminoBoosters, and AminoB12, although some people do take it as a stand-alone supplement. AminoSerene contains the ENTIRE B vitamin complex at the right amounts, including the patented MecobalActive® form of B12, which is incredibly bioavailable and effective. AminoSerene also contains BioPerine®, a patented pure form of the botanical Pepper nigrum which can increase your absorption of nutrients by up to 2000%.

Choose your most suitable immunity formal here:

==>> Ultimate Health and Immunity with TeloMind and AminoSerene

⇒> TeloMind for Rejuvenation & Immunity

⇒> AminoBoosters for Energy & Immunity

⇒> AminoB12 for Strength, Vitality & Immunity

=>> AminoSerene for Healthy Mood & Immunity


Our formulas are unique in being able to balance your cortisol levels and regenerate your stem cells - the only products on the market which support and maintain your immune system to be as strong as possible right now.

We currently have stock and are shipping from California, Alaska, the UK, and Singapore - whichever is nearest to you - until any of these products begin to sell out. We will do all we can to keep inventory in stock, but it is very likely certain products will begin to stock out. For now, we have inventory of everything. 

Simply go to any of the product links below and then use the menus of the site to add additional products to your order.

Yes, you can save by buying in bulk, because we pass our administrative savings on to you when you buy more than one bottle.

Avoid the chaos and the dangers of the situation right now, be safe, and stock up while having the most important supplements delivered directly to your door.

No quantity limits or restrictions. Stock up and prepare. At Health Evolution, we are stepping up for our families and customers during this time, and as always, we are here for you. Order here:



==>> Ultimate Health and Immunity with TeloMind and AminoSerene - cortisol manager to support immunity, stem cell regeneration, entire complex of amino acids and B vitamins for healthy mood

⇒> TeloMind for Rejuvenation & Immunity - the flagship formula with full clinical strength YTE®® for cortisol management, immunity, and stem cell regeneration, plus extra L-Arginine with botanicals ginkgo biloba, Rhodiola rosea, inulin

⇒> AminoBoosters for Energy & Immunity - the original formula with full clinical strength YTE®® for cortisol management, immunity, and stem cell regeneration, plus extra L-Arginine and botanicals Ginkgo biloba and inulin - slightly lighter on the purse than TeloMind 

⇒> AminoB12 for Strength, Vitality & Immunity - newest formula with full clinical strength YTE®® for cortisol management, immunity, and stem cell regeneration, plus MecobalActive® bioavailable B12 and BioPerine® Piper negrum botanical for increased nutrient absorption - does not contain ginkgo bilob

 =>> AminoSerene for Healthy Mood & Immunity - 600mg of YTE®® instead of full clinical dose of 1600mg/day - excellent support formula with TeloMind, AminoBoosters, or AminoB12 - also suited for HSPs (Highly Sensitive People). Full strength entire vitamin B complex plus extra L-Citrulline and Ayuvedic herb Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)



So save even more when you stock up, let’s make sure we are all prepared, and look after each other, together.


Here’s to living your best,




Angela Wright MBE 

Co-Founder & Head of Research, Health Evolution

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