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Common Questions & Answers

Are You Really Using genuine Norwegian YTE®?
Health Evolution is the only company in the world using genuine Norwegian YTE® direct from the producers via the only approved representative, Berg Nutrition. We have worked with Berg Nutrition since 2014, and as such Health Evolution is the longest-running company consistently using genuine YTE® and only at the recommended clinical dose.

Can Anyone In The World Buy These Formulas?
Yes – we ship worldwide from our warehouses in California USA, Singapore, and the UK.

Can TeloMind help me with sleep issues?
Many customers experience incredible deep sleep from the first night. Most customers experience dramatically improved sleep quality within the first four weeks. Some customers, who have a very toxic system, achieve good sleep after about 100-120 days.

Do You Make Different Formulas?
Yes, Health Evolution formulas include TeloMind™ and also the GYBB (Get Your Boom! Back™) range.

We provide different formulas because everybody and every day is different.